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6th of August, 2020

How To Detect The Failure Of Our Appliance?How To Detect The Failure Of Our Appliance?

Breakdowns in household appliances always happen at the worst possible time and can become a real headache if you don't have a reliable repair service. In this post we are going to tell you what the most common breakdowns are and how to deal with them.

Appliance repairs are often a useful, effective and viable solution over time as they extend the life of the household electrical appliance so that it continues to function at full capacity and thus avoids having to buy a new one. Depending on the type of breakdown that has occurred, the complexity and type of repair changes. However, most repairs are very complex and require a specialized technician who is familiar with all the internal systems of the household appliances and electrical appliances.

Common Appliance BreakdownsWhen hiring a technician or a company that specializes in repairing electrical appliances for domestic use, you must ensure that the company has the official certificates, works under its own brand or has knowledge of the different systems of the appliances, to ensure a quality, effective and long-lasting repair. 

We can easily detect the majority of breakdowns in appliances as these affect the correct functioning of the appliance, since it is regular and stable. Any anomaly such as strange noises, fumes, dripping water, unpleasant smells, are some of the signs that may indicate that the appliance is suffering from a breakdown. The internal functioning system of electrical appliances is very complex, and precisely because of this, it is essential that you contact a specialized technician to solve the breakdown. Even so, there are some simple breakdowns that you can solve on your own.

Refrigerator Appliance RepairThere are many types of breakdowns, and each one has a different and usually very complex solution. Precisely because of this, the best thing to do is to contact a reliable technician or repair company in the event of a breakdown.

Common Appliance Breakdowns

In all homes there are electrical appliances that have become indispensable any failure in them directly affects the routine and habits of the home. Below, we are going to explain the most important breakdowns in these appliances (the fridge, the washing machine and the radiators) and how to solve them.

Engine malfunction

It is one of the most common breakdowns and cannot be avoided. The engine is a fundamental part of the refrigerator, but at the same time it is one of the parts that is most often damaged since it is in continuous operation for a large amount of time (it can be running for several years without stopping).

Freezer Appliance RepairPrecisely because of this, it is one of the parts that suffers the most wear and tear and the greatest number of breakdowns, especially the piston and the cut in the coil.

How to repair it?

The engine repair must be carried out by a professional technician specialized in refrigerators as it is a complicated repair, and may require a complete change of the engine. This type of repair is effective and avoids having to invest in a new refrigerator.

Problems with water loading or centrifugation

Detecting a water-related fault in the washing machine is very easy as the clothes come out soaked (when the fault is related to the spin cycle) or water appears in the vicinity during operation. Both breakdowns are among the most common in washing machines, although the problem lies in different spaces and times of the wash.

Dryer Appliance RepairThe water load can be caused by a blockage in the pipe or in the rubber, which can lead to an excess or shortage of water. While the spin is the most powerful moment of the wash, since the drum turns at full speed and any breakdown directly affects the result and its power (it does not turn as fast as usual).

How to repair it?

For both breakdowns, it is essential to contact a specialized washing machine technician, as they can cause more serious problems in the home if they are not solved. If you have to change some of the parts of the washing machine, it is advisable to replace them with quality parts (if possible originals) to prolong the life of the machine. Some of the repairs on the appliances can be done by yourself, for which you will need a number of tools. Below, we leave you with the most commonly used tools to make any reappearance in the appliances in your home.

Washer Appliance RepairScrewdriver

Screwdrivers allow for the removal of various parts of the appliances without damaging them, as most parts are sealed or attached to the structure via screws. So you can easily assemble and disassemble the parts of these appliances. To avoid damage to the structure of the appliance, it is essential to use the right screwdriver, either flat or with a star tip.  


Pliers are necessary to hold or separate specific parts of the appliance, avoiding major risks such as short circuits. In addition, in washing machines and refrigerators it is important to use fine-tipped pliers, as most parts are very small.

Ice-Maker Appliance RepairScrews

It is essential to work with quality parts, all parts are important, even if it is a screw, the smallest of all. When repairing an appliance you can replace the screws that are defective or worn out over time.


The wrench usually has the same use as the pliers, but it is much more efficient on flat or delicate surfaces as it avoids damage to the structure.

Insulating tape

The insulating tape is used as a provisional union method in the middle of a repair, it is a tool to help in the course of the repair because they are safe and resistant. Under no circumstances should you leave the duct tape as a final solution, it is not and you will not have completed the repair of the appliance. Don't forget that all electrical appliances have a guarantee period, some longer than others. So before contacting any repair service, check the expiry of the guarantee and which services it covers. If it is still valid, you should contact the brand of the appliance or its technical service to analyze the fault and take care of it if it is a factory fault or if it is covered by the guarantee.

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