Dryer Repair

14th of August, 2020

Common Dryer BreakdownsCommon Dryer Breakdowns

Dryers are one of the most important appliances in a home. Drying clothes immediately saves us a lot of time, and saves us from any unforeseen weather-related event, and like any other electronic appliance, it can suffer from a breakdown. Repairs to dryers extend their life, which means you don't have to invest in a new one. In this post, we are going to review some tips to analyze the causes more that cause a breakdown in the dryer and its possible solutions.

All electrical repairs on household appliances must be carried out by a specialized technician. Working with electricity is dangerous and requires specific knowledge in order to carry out the most appropriate repair. It is also advisable to contact a tumbler repair service when replacing a part, as failure to use original, quality parts could lead to further damage in the short term.

How To Repair Common Dryer BreakdownsIt is always advisable to check the guarantee of the appliances before contacting a technical service. If the dryer is still under warranty, it will be the responsibility of the company to repair it or replace it with a new model, provided that the fault is caused by the factory itself. Those works that are related to an optimal maintenance of the dryer can be done at home without any problem. For example, cleaning the filter or assessing the condition of the fan are simple tasks, even if parts have to be removed, as is the case with the ventilation process.

Good maintenance is recommended, as we said, to avoid more expensive dryer repairs, especially in relation to the filter. If the filter becomes clogged, we force the dryer to work at full capacity, this forces all the drying systems and generates other problems like the ones we analyzed before, especially electrical ones.

Dryer Appliance RepairAs far as ventilation is concerned, the cleaning process is less intense, but it is worth removing the dirt in this part of the dryer so as not to lengthen the drying cycles. Depending on the maintenance and repair work we want to carry out, we will need one type of tool or another. Below you will find the most commonly used tools for the most common breakdowns.


Most of the parts are fixed to the structure with screws, so as not to force the parts and avoid damage you will need several types of screwdriver to be able to dismantle them.


Pliers help remove parts and attach other parts of the dryer while we work.

Washer Appliance RepairScrews

Sometimes a fault can occur simply because of a badly damaged screw, this causes the dryer to stop working, or its operation to be faulty. If we have new screws, we can immediately repair the fault.

How To Repair Common Dryer Breakdowns

We were saying that the dryers have wired circuits with dozens of parts, however, we have detected that 90% of the repairs are usually for the same four breakdowns. To prevent these repairs, the only thing we can do is to use the dryer taking into account the manufacturer's recommendations and perform simple periodic maintenance. The four most common breakdowns are:

Refrigerator Appliance RepairClogged filter

When we talk about continuous maintenance, we are referring especially to filters. The dryer filter gets clogged from time to time by the material coming off the clothes themselves, which slowly settles on the filter, until it ends up getting clogged.

How to repair it?

To carry out a repair of this type, it is not necessary to contact a repair company, it is enough to locate the filter of our dryer and eliminate the accumulated remains, in a few minutes the dryer will be able to work normally again. So locate your dryer filter and check its condition. And remember, if you carry out optimum maintenance after each use (removing the remains of softeners and lint), you will avoid any breakdowns of this kind.

Freezer Appliance RepairProblems with the fan

The dryers are equipped with a fan with a certain air flow to dry the clothes quickly. If this fan gets clogged or dirt accumulates, it can change the airflow and therefore reduce the effectiveness of the drying process. In the most severe cases, a fan in poor condition can triple the drying cycle, without also achieving optimal results (which will also increase your home's electricity consumption).

How to repair it?

The first thing you should do is check the condition of the fan. Sometimes the fan wears out with use or can even break. In these cases, you can only replace it with a new part. There are more or less standard fans, but for adequate performance we recommend that you always ask for original parts of your dryer model.

Dishwasher Appliance RepairThe fan should also be part of the maintenance plan, although it is not necessary to check its condition after each drying, as it is the case with the filter. You will need to clean the fan thoroughly once a year so that the dryer does not lose power.

Fuse repair

Another possibility is an electrical failure. In one hundred percent of the cases we should contact a professional company, since a fuse failure can only be solved by a person with technical knowledge.

If your dryer is not capable of producing heat as it used to, one of the fuses is probably damaged, you can check this as the clothes will still be damp after the drying cycle.

Wine Cooler Appliance RepairHow do I repair it?

As we have already explained, if you find that your clothes are not drying properly after a normal drying cycle, you should contact a technician to check the operation of your dryer, in particular the fuses. Most electrical faults will be solved by changing the part that is causing the problem.


Another of the most common breakdowns is related to the switches, which prevent the dryer from starting. The main signal of breaker failure is that the dryer does not turn on and therefore cannot start working. It can be caused by one of the contacts or by the switch itself being in bad condition due to prolonged use.

How to repair it?

To repair any problem in the switches, you must check them. Switches are delicate parts and are used intensively in all household appliances. If they start to fail, the most appropriate thing to do is to install a new switch. If you have knowledge of electricity you can solve this problem yourself, but if you are not sure, contact a specialized technician.

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