Error and fault codes of Dryer

9th of July, 2020

Reasons of Dryer MalfunctionsReasons of Dryer Malfunctions

Concerned about problems in technology? Does the dryer give off an error on the display? In our article you will find the answer to the question of how to be in such situations. We will describe the main problems of the machine, as well as options for solving them.

Modern household appliances are electronically controlled, so in case of malfunctions the error code is displayed on the display. Transcriptions of symbols for different brands are given in our tables to help find and fix the fault.

Error codes and dryer malfunctions. The principle of operation of the machine is simple. It is enough to put wet things in the drum, where hot air flows will remove moisture residues from the fabric. In this case there is a rotation, and the resulting condensate accumulates in the bunker.

Hotpoint-Ariston and IndesitThe motor and drive belt are responsible for the rotation of the drum. A blow-dryer warms up the air and the integrated pump removes the condensate. Sensors and sensors constantly monitor temperature and humidity, protecting the equipment from breakdowns and protecting the laundry from damage. In case of incorrect operation or wear of components, the machine operation is blocked and a fault code appears on the display. Each symbol indicates a specific fault that must be corrected. We have made it easy for you to find it and have collected codes with transcripts and fixes for different brands in the tables.

Hotpoint-Ariston and Indesit

F01 Short-circuit motor thyristor. Examine the thyristor chain. Repair in the event of a break. Replace the part if it malfunctions.

F02 Motor does not rotate. Motor or fan interlock. Check the specified components. Remove any foreign objects that could interfere with normal operation. Inspect wiring and contacts.

Bosch and SiemensF03 Breakage or short circuit of the thermistor. Failure of NTC sensor, host processor. Diagnosis: Thermistor circuit; NTC sensor; Processor. Install serviceable elements.

F04 The air pump is not working. Diagnose the air pump and its circuit. Connect a new assembly.

F05 Air Pump does not signal. Inspect wiring, tighten contacts from board to pump. Clean the oxidized contacts.

F08 Heater relay malfunction. Diagnose and replace relay if necessary.

F09 Software malfunction. Contact Service Center.

F10 Poor air current from heater element. Clean the TAN.

F11 No contact with discharge device. Check circuit and unit connections. Replace blower in case of breakage.

F12 No communication between display and control board. Inspect wiring, tighten contacts. Install the correct circuit board.

Dryer Appliance RepairF13 The temperature controller circuit is broken. Repair the circuit.

F15 TEN relay is broken; the circuit is broken or the circuit is shorted. Diagnose relay, wiring, connections. Install work items.

F17 The power element is faulty. Repair the part.

Bosch and Siemens

F06 Heat failure. Diagnose the heating system. Replace defective parts.

F08 One of the sensors is broken. Check all sensors. Connect a new sensor.

F09 Temperature did not exceed 5 degrees at certain points. Inspect the temperature sensor, its circuit.

F10 Software malfunctioned. Call in a service technician.

F11 No contact between electronic board and motor. Check the wiring. Diagnose and replace motor or board.

Washer Appliance RepairF12 Machine interrupts program, error occurred. Call the wizard.

F13 System pressure is low.

In addition to the above, Siemens Dryers (CM) are subject to these malfunctions:

Linen does not dry. Reasons may include board breakage, hair dryer, board relay failure. Parts are being diagnosed and repaired. You can check the condensate collection capacity yourself. Clean it from water and lint. No heating. This is due to a fault in the TEN or temperature sensor. The electronics may also have malfunctioned due to voltage surges in the mains. It is recommended that a voltage stabilizer be installed.

It does not turn on. There may be many reasons for this. The unit may not start up if any of the components fails. It is better to contact a service center to check the motor, temperature sensor, terminal block and fuses. The drum is not spinning. This is due to the rupture of the drive belt, wear and tear on the axle and bearings.

Refrigerator Appliance RepairOverflow of water into the tanks. Clean the drain, pump filter, drain hose from clogging. Sometimes the operation of the pump impeller is blocked by a foreign object to be removed. The technology is leaking. Seal the inlet connection, tank, pump. Locate and isolate the leak. There's noise during operation. The mechanics are damaged. Requires specialist intervention. Parts that cannot be repaired must be replaced with serviceable parts.


E20, EF0 Water does not drain. The drain pump does not start - it must be repaired or replaced. Check the drain hose for blockages or damage.

E40 The hatch door is not securely closed. Press the hatch door tightly, you should hear a click of the lock.

E90 Electronics faulty. Reset the error: disconnect the machine from the mains. Then switch it back on and take a look at the display. If the code is there again, then it is best to contact a service centre. It also happens that the panels start alternately.

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