A Guide To Understand The Washing Machine Programs

10th of October, 2020

Tips To Achieve Perfect ResultsTips To Achieve Perfect Results

Whenever possible, separate by color and fabric before putting the washing machineWash your clothes inside out so that they lose less color. Check the pockets to avoid that there is something inside that could fade or spoil the washing machine.

Wash at full load to take advantage of the water expense. Read the washing instructions on the label of each garment.

What program to use for the white clothes?

Getting your linen to stay clean after washing is not easy. One of the keys to achieving this is choosing the right program in the washing machine.The Most Common Programs In Washing Machines

As we mentioned before, cotton programs adapt very well to white clothes, although you have to take into account that they can be damaged if they are delicate. The important thing, therefore, is to choose a high temperature that removes all the dirt. Regardless of the fabric, the color white is usually washed at 90ºC, although if there is a risk of shrinkage it is preferable not to go above 60ºC. To achieve the desired effect, use specific soap for this color and, if necessary, add a teaspoon of bleach for the clothes.

The Most Common Programs In Washing Machines

Each model of washing machine has different washing programs. Depending on the brand and range, you will have more or less specific washing options, but some are so basic that they never fail.

Washer Appliance RepairPrewash

You can choose this option to do an extra wash for very dirty clothes or clothes with solid residues such as work clothes in the field, sports equipment or reusable diapers.


The delicate program of the washing machine is suitable for clothes that require special care such as silk, lace or satin. To avoid damage, the washing time is short, at low temperature and with a very gentle spin.

When washing delicate garments, it is advisable not to fill the drum too much so that they do not get damaged or creased more than necessary.

Dryer Appliance RepairWool

Wool clothes can shrink when washed, so the specific programs for this type of garment do not exceed 30ºC and spin at low revolutions. The difference between this program and the delicate one is that the wool program lets the garments rest from time to time so that they do not bunch up.


This program is perfect for hard-wearing, washable, non-shrinking fabrics such as cotton and linen. Cotton programs usually have different temperature options: whites can be washed at 90ºC and colors at 60ºC. Spinning is done at maximum power, but usually has a short duration.


Synthetic fabrics such as polyester or nylon are less resistant, but tend to get less dirty. Therefore, they do not need a very long wash. These programs usually last one hour and wash at 40ºC or 60ºC.

Dishwasher Appliance RepairDark clothes

The goal of the dark and denim programs is to maintain the original color. To take care of these clothes, the washing is done at 40ºC and uses a large amount of water both when washing and rinsing.


The shorter machine program is perfect for clothes that don't get very dirty, but need to be washed overnight. The washing time is short, between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the model of the machine, with a large amount of water at a temperature of 30ºC or 40ºC. Normally you can raise the degrees, but the washing will take longer.


It is a very similar program to the previous one and it is specially designed for sportswear that is sweaty but not dirty. It lasts about 30 minutes and does not usually exceed 30ºC.

Refrigerator Appliance RepairAnti-allergies

For people with allergies, sensitive skin or families with babies, this is the ideal program. These programs are very long, as they perform many rinses to remove any remaining soap or allergens, and wash at 60ºC. Anti-allergy programs are also useful for doing a thorough wash for clothes that are very dirty.


In the mixed programs, clothes of different fabrics can be mixed, preferably at half load. In order to avoid that such different garments are damaged when washed at the same time, the washing time is long and a temperature between 30ºC and 40ºC is used. This program is of great help in homes with few members, where it is difficult to fill washing machines with different characteristics. The downside is that by not using high temperatures, it does not remove difficult stains.


It allows to make a second centrifugation or to reduce the humidity of clothes that have been washed by hand. Normally you can choose a normal or soft spin, some washers allow you to select the number of revolutions per minute desired. Depending on the number of revolutions you choose, the clothes will come out of the machine more or less wet. When the spin is very strong, the clothes will dry, but they will have many wrinkles. On the other hand, if the spin is soft, creases are avoided, but the clothes will keep quite damp.

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