How To Clean The Washing Machine

15th of July, 2020

How to disinfect the washing machineHow to disinfect the washing machine

It is common to think that the washing machine stays clean just by starting it up. We use soap and water, we wash the clothes and we wash the machine too! But nothing could be further from the truth. Washing machines store a lot of moisture and it is easy for germs and mold to build up inside them. And when soap and especially fabric softener residues stick together, it makes it easier for bacteria to grow.

Dirt from a washing machine gets into the clothes with every wash, so if you don't clean the washing machine, you're not leaving the clothes as clean as you'd like. And don't forget, if you keep your washing machine clean, it will last much longer. Bleach, white vinegar and baking soda are our best allies when washing the inside of the machine. By mixing these ingredients we can disinfect and clean thoroughly every corner of our washing machine and leave it as good as new.

How to clean the washing machine details

The basic maintenance of the washing machine should be done weekly, but it is recommended that once a month we clean more thoroughly. Disinfecting the washing machine will benefit the internal system of the appliance and also the pipes. Mix approximately one liter of white vinegar and bicarbonate and pour it into the box you usually use for soap.

Select a 90º washing cycle, the longest one the machine has. Start the machine and let it complete the program. Once it has finished, set a single rinse cycle. Dry the inside of the door, the rubber and the drum thoroughly. Leave the door open, so that the washing machine is ventilated and you avoid accumulating more humidity than necessary.

How to clean the washing machine details

The inside of the washing machine is the great forgotten part. We all wipe the outside with soap every time we wash our clothes and we think that with that gesture we are done. Cleaning the inside of the washing machine is much more important, we must ensure that there are no traces of soap or water in the nooks and crannies to avoid bad smells, the formation of mold and malfunctions caused by this dirt.

How to clean the washing machine boxHow to clean the washing machine box

Ideally, you should rinse it after each wash, but for a deeper cleaning of the box, remove it and rub all the nooks and crannies with a brush until you have removed all traces of soap and fabric softener. If the remains are very embedded and difficult to remove, dip the box for 5 or 10 minutes in vinegar, you'll be surprised how easy it is now to clean the remains of soap!

How to clean the washing machine filter

Cleaning the washing machine filter is one of the most complex tasks. But don't worry, following these steps will make it as good as new: Unplug the washing machine and cut off the water supply. Remove the cover that covers the filter. Drain the remaining water from the circuit with the drain hose. If your washing machine does not have a hose, remove as much water as you can with a cloth.

How to clean the washing machine filterPlace a cloth or towel under the washer to catch any remaining water that may come out when the filter is removed. If there is a lot of water, collect it in a container. Unscrew the filter and remove it. Clean the filter with water and bleach and dry it well. Remove debris, objects and dirt that have accumulated after the filter has been removed.

Replace the filter and close the cover. Turn on the water and plug the washing machine back in. If, despite your best efforts, the dirt has settled in the drain, the filter is clogged, the drawers are blocked or the door rubber is pinched and your washing machine is not working properly, trust our appliance technicians.

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