Ice buildup in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator

28th of October, 2020

Failure of the temperature sensorNot all refrigerators are equipped with the Know Frost system, and in the drip ice in the freezer compartment nobody is surprised because it is defrosted manually. But what to do if this problem has arisen in modern models? We need to find the cause of the problem and fix it. In this article, we have collected all the possible options.

Why ice is formed in the freezer 

If there is a No Frost defrost system installed in the Samsung, Bosch or other brands and a snow coat in the freezer, it is not necessarily a fault. It is possible that you are not using the device properly.

  • Take a look at the control panel. Have you set the "Super Freezing" mode? In electromechanical models, it is turned off manually. The compressor will inject cold until you cancel the installation.
  • Check the temperature regulator. The temperature in the chamber should be between -17 and -19 degrees. Otherwise, the compartment will be very frozen, snow may form under the freezer and the motor may be running on wear. Adjust the thermorelay. Even if it is too hot in the room, do not set the temperature low - when the technique is selected correctly, it reaches the desired value.

Why ice is formed in the freezer

To minor malfunctions can be attributed to wear of the seal on the door. Warm air penetrates into the gap, the performance in the compartment is increased. The compressor operates with a double load, pressed cold, so the walls freezes the snow.

If the door is closed loosely, or the gasket has slipped, the panel may blink red light or sound a signal. It is necessary to change the rubber. It may not stick well to the body because it is clogged. You can wash it with warm water and soap, and wipe with ammonia. 

Screwed hinges also cause the door to fit loosely. Then, the most icing will gather from the edge, near the freezer door. You can tighten the hinges yourself. The red light flashes when the camera is loaded. If you put a lot of warm food in the compartment, wait until the temperature recovers.

Freezer Appliance Repair

What malfunctions need to be repaired

Icing in the compartment may indicate a breakage. Be careful and you will be able to detect the malfunction. 

Drainage hole clogged 

Snow accumulates at the bottom of the freezer. There may be water in the fridge with Know Frost below the drawers. After turning off the motor for rest, the evaporator TAN is turned on and ice is thawing. All moisture drains into the drainage hole and is removed from the system. Drainage could be clogged with fine garbage, crumbs. It must be cleaned. In some models, the hole is behind the panel, which needs to be removed in advance. The hole can be cleaned with a thin wire or a sprinkle of water. 

Refrigerator Appliance RepairFaulty defrost system

In this case, the back wall is covered with a snow coat and ice. Failure of any component of the evaporator - heater, timer, fuse - leads to no defrost. Therefore, the evaporator is covered with a snow coat. The channel that is responsible for the cold supply also freezes, so the temperature in the department starts to rise. You may notice that the compressor switches off less and less often.

It is necessary to inspect, to carry out diagnostics of evaporator parts. For this you will need special equipment, so it is better to contact a master.

Failure of the temperature sensor

The compressor rarely switches off "on rest". The walls of the freezer compartment become covered with ice and snow if there is a separate thermostat or compressor. If the control is one for both chambers, then ice may also form on the back wall of the refrigerator.

Ice-Maker Appliance RepairWhen the temperature sensor breaks down, the control board does not know what temperature is in the chamber. Therefore, it commands the motor to force the cold more intensely. The temperature sensor needs to be replaced. In addition, the display may show the fault code. To check that the sensor is in good condition, the refrigerator must be completely defrosted. Diagnostics is carried out with a multimeter. The resistance should be 4,7 kOhm.

Refrigerant leakage 

Continuous compressor operation leads to ice on the evaporator. However, the temperature is still overvalued and does not reach the specified level. If defrosting is performed, the refrigerator may stop switching on.

Constant refrigerant leakage in the evaporator leads to ice entrainment and non-stop motor operation. Once all gas has evaporated, both chambers will stop working. Therefore, you need to find the cause and location of the leak. The best way to do this is to have a foreman repair the damaged area and refuel the system with freon gas.  If you notice that ice is building up in your fridge with Know Frost - hit the alarm, it is not normal. Try defrosting it yourself and checking the above parts, or contact the service center.

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