Oven Breakdowns

10th of August, 2020

How To Detect The Oven FailureHow To Detect The Oven Failure

Most of the repairs related to domestic ovens require the intervention of a specialized technician. An oven works at high temperatures, so all its components must be checked and work properly. If you have a serious fault and need a professional repair, check the warranty. If it has not yet expired, the manufacturer should take care of the repair. If it is a factory problem, they should provide you with a new appliance.

There are electrical appliances that have breakdowns that are easy to solve, which we can carry out ourselves. In the case of ovens, their complex system of operation means that it is necessary to contact a repair company most of the time. Oven repairs involve a prior assessment.

How To Repair Oven BreakdownsSometimes the cause seems to be clear, and yet the damaged part is another. A technician is able to immediately detect the origin of the problem, proposing an adapted solution.

In addition, a technician specialized in this type of appliance has the ability to solve any breakdown in the long term. It is not a question of finding a momentary solution, but of making the oven work for much longer. 

These are the most common oven arrangements, from small breakdowns that we can fix ourselves, to arrangements that require us to contact a repair service.

How To Repair Oven Breakdowns

The light has stopped working

The oven light does not intervene in the temperature reached by the oven, however it is essential to check the cooking process.

Oven Appliance RepairHow to repair it?

The solution is very simple, just replace the oven bulb or the lamp holder with a new part.

The oven is not hot enough

We usually think that an oven that is not hot enough has a problem in the feed system, and yet in most cases the problem comes from the door sealing system. Oven door seals can withstand extreme temperatures, so they need to be replaced regularly. If you notice that your oven is losing power, check the condition of the door seals.

How to repair it?

The process of replacing a gasket is not complicated, but it is always advisable to have it carried out by an expert capable of completely sealing the joint between the structure and the door itself. We should also check the joints if excessive heat escapes from the oven when it is in operation.

Range Appliance RepairThe door doesn't close

In addition to the joints we talked about before, check the hinges too, if they do not complete the closure we may have a serious problem during cooking.

How to repair it?

All these breakdowns have only one solution, to change the part that is giving us problems, either the hinge or the gasket.

In a rare case, the problem may be in the installation or in the shape of the door itself. In these cases, there is no choice but to contact the brand itself, as the problem may come from the factory.

Stove Appliance Repair

Problems with the differential

Another very common problem: every time we turn on the oven the house differential jumps. In fact, this problem can occur in any type of household appliance, but in ovens it is usually more common. The problem is almost always due to the resistances, if they have suffered some damage or cannot work at full capacity they make the differential jump.

How to repair it?

The only thing you can do is change the resistance. If the main source of heat of our oven does not work, the best thing to do is to install a new resistor that prevents the differential from jumping. Besides, it is much cheaper to change a resistor than to buy a new appliance.

Refrigerator Appliance RepairThe handle or glass of the oven burns

There are ovens that, due to their power, can burn the glass or the handle. In the long term, the problem can be serious if it is not solved.

How to repair it?

The solution is complex, but very effective. If an effective flue is fitted, we can prevent the appliance from reaching an excessive temperature and burning the outside of the oven.

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