Oven Repair

2nd of August, 2020

Common Oven BreakdownsCommon Oven Breakdowns

Oven repair are usually among the most common in the house. Ovens work at high power and reach very high temperatures, which is why the wear and tear on their parts is much greater than on other household appliancesOven arrangements can be very complex, so it is recommended that, in most cases, we contact a technician who is able to evaluate the general condition of the appliance and offer the most appropriate solution.

Repairs to kitchen ovens allow the capacity of the appliance to be completely restored. On the contrary, a faulty oven prolongs cooking times and in the most serious cases can cause the appliance to stop working permanently. In the most common breakdowns that involve oven repairs, we will see what the typical problems are in household ovens, their solutions and the signals that we should look out for to detect that something is not working.

Maintenance Tips For An OvenCommon oven breakdowns:

  • The light has stopped working ;
  • the oven is not hot enough;
  • the door doesn't close;
  • problems with the differential;
  • the handle or glass of the oven burns.

We would like to talk about some maintenance tips, with which your oven can continue to function as it did on the first day for many years. Many different breakdowns can occur, the oven sends us signals that allow us to react in time, thus preventing a common breakdown from becoming a serious problem.

Maintenance Tips For An Oven

Proper maintenance will prevent repairs. Here are some simple tips to keep your oven running for many years: 

Oven Appliance RepairUse only accessories suitable for your oven, this especially affects the trays. If we heat with trays of other models or not adapted to high temperatures, the oven may be damaged. Clean the door with a soft cloth and always at hand, simply by adding a little liquid dishwasher. Use the residual heat by turning off the oven a few minutes before finishing the recipe, remember that ovens are designed to store heat.

Keep your oven clean, don't let grease build up, because it can seep into the internal parts and hinder your operation. If you detect a fault, call the technical service immediately. A faulty oven must be repaired without delay. The oven is one of the most complex of all the appliances used in a domestic kitchen, which is why most repairs are carried out by a technical team. In the event of a simple breakdown or maintenance task, it is essential that you have the following tools.

Range Appliance RepairPliers

The pliers will help us to manipulate certain parts of the interior of the oven with comfort.


Most parts of an oven are bolted to the frame. You will need several screwdrivers to remove certain parts.


Don't forget to work with gloves. Never handle the inside of an oven if it is or has been on. You must wait until the interior cools down completely.

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