Perfect Temperature For A Refrigerator

29th of July, 2020

How Many Degrees Does The Refrigerator Have To Be?How Many Degrees Does The Refrigerator Have To Be?

One of the rooms in the house with more variations in temperature throughout the day is the kitchen. The use of appliances such as the oven or dishwasher can cause a temperature rise in the room, but if it is a space that is only used for cooking, the lack of activity can cause it to drop considerably.

One of the most common doubts when dealing with temperature changes in the kitchen has to do, of course, with the fridge. Is the optimum temperature of the fridge always the same? We have already told you on other occasions how a fridge works, today we are extending this information with a series of tips so that your food is always kept in a perfect state of conservation by taking advantage of the options offered by these appliances and so that the fridge works at full capacity despite the changes in season. 

Special Cases And ExceptionsThe answer to this question is quite simple, although as you will see below there are exceptions to this rule. To ensure that the refrigerator can perform its function correctly, its ideal temperature should be around 4° C. This will allow the food to stay fresh for as long as possible and will prevent unwanted problems such as bacteria if the fridge is set at a higher temperature or ice packs if the temperature is too low. For the freezer, the rule of thumb is to keep it at around -18°C. If your fridge is not very modern, it probably does not have a thermometer or automatic function that allows us to regulate this temperature exactly. Our recommendation is that you check it regularly with a food thermometer or refrigerator-specific thermometer. To measure the temperature correctly, place the thermometer in a glass of water and leave it in the fridge for eight hours; if this is not possible, five hours is sufficient. For the freezer, it is ideal to use a specific one to calculate it exactly, but you can place a normal thermometer between two products to get a rough idea. If the temperature is not the recommended one, don't forget to change it as soon as possible and make sure it works properly.

Refrigerator Appliance RepairSpecial Cases And Exceptions

There are numerous factors that can affect the performance of our refrigerator and that can change the temperature of its interior. Follow our advice to make sure it always works properly to avoid food spoiling or freezing:

The aim of keeping the temperature stable in the refrigerator is to avoid the appearance of microorganisms in the stored food. To do this, in addition to maintaining the correct temperature and checking it regularly, we recommend that you keep the food in airtight or specific containers for the fridge as soon as you get home after your shopping. Remember that ideally these should be containers with lids that can be closed, to avoid bad smells and the contamination of some products.

Freezer Appliance RepairTry not to overfill any of the compartments, this can block the air currents needed to maintain the temperature and cause some foods to degrade before others. Check the refrigerator to avoid storing expired or spoiled food. This will also give you better control over what you already have and prevent you from buying products in duplicate. Clean the fridge regularly, at least once a week thoroughly. If you spill any liquid, remove it immediately, even if it is not in direct contact with the food. Changes in the kitchen temperature are factors that influence the correct functioning of the refrigerator. If you live in a town with extreme weather or your house is hot in summer (or very cold in winter), it is not a bad idea to use a thermometer to avoid surprises. As we have already mentioned, there are many causes that can change the temperature of a refrigerator. Remember not to leave the door open any longer than necessary, allow the necessary air currents between the different foods and check from time to time that the rubber seal is not damaged and that the door is adjusted normally. With these small details, you can be sure that your fridge will stay perfect like the first day!

Ice-Maker Appliance RepairThe temperature of the refrigerator should not vary if the appliance is working properly. However, there are times when it is difficult to maintain it, for example, if there is a power cut. In this case, keep the refrigerator and freezer door closed as long as possible. A refrigerator can maintain its temperature for more than three hours, but it is important not to tamper with the door.

As soon as the power is back on, remember to check the temperature of both the freezer and the fridge and the food inside. Although most of them remain in good condition, if the refrigerator has been off for more than two hours, it is not advisable to eat meat, fish or leftovers.

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