The Refrigerator And 5 The Most Common Breakdowns

23rd of October, 2020

Common problems with your fridgeCommon problems with your fridge

There are  breakdowns and failures that do not depend on optimal use, which we will review below:

  • The thermostat has broken

This is rare, as most current models already have fairly reliable and durable electronic thermostats (NTC). However, replacing them is not a major cost, if at all (and probably due to a manufacturing defect).

  • There is a gas leak

This is a serious fault that may require the replacement of the entire appliance, as it is often very difficult to locate the exact leakage point in order to carry out the repair.

How To Make Your Fridge Last LongerIn any case, it is best to have an expert take a look at it to catalogue the problem and find the best solution.

  • The compressor gave up

Whether due to a manufacturing problem or too demanding and prolonged use, your compressor can fail. At least detection and diagnosis will be easy: you will lose all the cold in a few hours (and even minutes, after opening the door a couple of times for a certain time).

How To Make Your Fridge Last Longer

Non-frost refrigerators have a special quality: they transport the cold from the freezer to the cooling zone with the help of a fan. But if ice accumulates in the water tray, the air duct will be blocked and the fan will not be able to work.

Refrigerator Appliance RepairIn other words, your refrigerator will not be doing its job properly, it will spend more energy trying to do so in vain, and the food will be worse preserved. Total disaster. And all because you don't keep an eye on that tray from time to time and defrost and clean up in case of a jam. Easy to avoid, right? When "snow" is produced very quickly, there can be three reasons:

  • The thermostat's too high. This will overwork your sweet tooth appliance, which together with the fact that you keep the door open too long (and too often) will produce more ice.
  • Another possibility is that the condensation circuit is not well ventilated. This can happen if you don't leave enough room at the back of the appliance, the air doesn't circulate easily or the temperature becomes too high, especially in the summer months.

Freezer Appliance RepairWithin this option, there is another huge and very common maintenance error of the refrigerator: not cleaning the coil - the famous metal grill, usually black - from the dust it accumulates. This will inevitably lead to the progressive heating of its contents and, finally, to the breakdown of the refrigerator, resulting in an increase in the cost of your electricity bill.

  • The third option is that the refrigerator's thermostat is broken and needs to be replaced, but this can only be accurately indicated by a specialist in home appliance repair.

When you accumulate too much food and don't organize it well, the cold air can't circulate freely in every corner of the fridge. In fact, poor distribution of food can even cause the refrigerator to make strange noises. And this means that your food will not be refrigerated properly, spoiling sooner and losing quality and nutritional values much faster.

Ice-Maker Appliance RepairThe oven or a radiator are not the best square meter companions for your fridge. Their presence will cause you to overexert yourself to maintain the same required temperature in your thermostat, and this will once again drive up your electricity bill, further multiplying the chances of it breaking down.

A similar effect produces a deteriorated weather strip. To extend the life expectancy of your fridge, remember to change the rubber on the fridge as soon as you detect even the slightest damage. Putting electronic circuits everywhere to multiply their functions is great, until they break down and breakdowns appear that two decades ago we could not have imagined. They are more sensitive than the rest of the appliance to power cuts and surges, so I strongly recommend that you get electrical protection strips to connect your fridge to the mains.

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