Refrigerator Repair

25th of July, 2020

Common Refrigerator BreakdownsCommon Refrigerator Breakdowns

Refrigerator repair are more common than you might think. Not only are refrigerators the most energy-consuming appliance, but they are also one of the most expensive, which is why most of the time we think of a repair as an alternative to a new one.

Refrigerator repair is usually not difficult and gives excellent results. Repairs to household appliances, specifically refrigerators, are mostly due to the four problems we will analyze below. These breakdowns have to be solved by specialists. Detecting a problem in the operation of a refrigerator is very simple. The signs are very evident, most commonly detecting a rise in temperatures in the freezer or refrigerator. Frost build-up is also a clear signal. In the most extreme cases, the refrigerator stops working completely due to a problem in the motor or the thermostat.

How To Repair Common Refrigerator BreakdownsIf we detect that the refrigerator is losing power, it is advisable to immediately notify a specialist, otherwise the problem may become worse. We always recommend that you contact an expert refrigerator repair company, and if possible, the manufacturer itself or an authorized company. This ensures that you have original parts and a complete analysis of the appliance. However, many people prefer to carry out the repair themselves. Obviously, the degree of difficulty involved depends on the type of fault that has occurred, but if you are going to repair your fridge, regardless of the fault, you will need the following tools.


Many of the parts of a refrigerator are sealed or attached to the structure by means of screws. If a particular part is to be repaired due to a fault, it will normally be removed from the rest of the structure to be examined and, if necessary, repaired. 

Freezer Appliance RepairMost of the screws used in this type of appliance are flat-headed, although it is always advisable to have different types of screwdriver.


Pliers are also necessary. In addition to the usual pliers, it is also essential to work with fine-tipped pliers, as many of the pieces that make up a refrigerator are very small.

Insulating tape

In some repairs we have to make temporary joints, for these cases the insulating tapes are safe and resistant.


It is always advisable to work with official parts, however the screws can be replaced without any problem. Whenever you go to repair an appliance, have new screws on hand to replace parts that may be defective.

Ice-Maker Appliance RepairHow To Repair Common Refrigerator Breakdowns

Refrigerators are complex domestic appliances that incorporate dozens of parts for its operation, so the breakdowns can be multiple, however, up to 90% of repairs of refrigerators are made depending on the following failures:

Malfunction of the motor or compressor

The engine is a fundamental part of the refrigerator, yet it is one of the most frequently damaged parts. Unlike other devices, the engine of a refrigerator is continuously running, in some cases it can even work for several years without stopping, which causes its parts to wear out and suffer damage. A piston problem or a cut in the coil are two of the most common problems.  

Refrigerator Appliance RepairHow to repair it?

The repair of an engine has to be carried out by a professional. It is possible to acquire a new or second hand engine in perfect conditions, however, its installation is complex and to ensure its operation the engine must be perfectly installed, so it is always advisable to contact an accredited professional.

Gas leakage

This is a fairly serious fault, which often results in the system being completely shut down. Many gas leaks are directly irreparable, although if the leak is located and the part can be replaced, the refrigerator can continue to operate with the same evaporator. Is it worth to replace an evaporator or to repair it, in most cases these are quick solutions but not effective as in the short and medium term, we will find new breakdowns.

Wine Cooler Appliance RepairHow to repair it?

As we were saying, if the leakage point is located, the part can be replaced, or the leakage point can be sealed. Another option is to replace the evaporator completely, a task. This is perhaps the least cost effective repair of all.

Ice blockage

It is the most common repair and is totally avoidable. In the freezer, due to the low temperatures, a layer of frost is usually generated that must be removed. Even non-frost refrigerators suffer from this type of breakdown. Obviously, the first step we must take to avoid this problem is to keep the freezer free of frost, removing it whenever it occurs on the walls of the freezer. This prevents ice blockage, although sometimes it is not necessary for the freezer to be overcrowded for it to become blocked by ice.

Range Appliance RepairHow to repair it?

A blockage by ice can damage resistances, temperature sensors, thermostats and even the electronic circuit, in any case the repair is very fast and effective.

Malfunctions due to nearby heat sources

Another possibility is that a heat source close to the refrigerator will cause a breakdown. A refrigerator works to produce cold, if it is in an excessively hot environment, or has heat sources nearby, for example a radiator, the engine and other components must work at full capacity for longer, this continuous overproduction of energy can cause damage to our refrigerator.

Stove Appliance RepairHow to repair it?

In this case it depends on the part that is worn. A change in a part of a refrigerator is carried out instantly, although its price depends on the importance of the part. Refrigerators are continuous-operation appliances with a rather complex system, so it is always advisable to contact a specialist.

Sometimes the refrigerator stops working for no apparent reason. Before carrying out the repair, it is essential to check the complete state of the refrigerator, analyze the fault and determine whether the repair will be worthwhile, not so much for the price as for the long-term results we can obtain. If the repair is worthwhile, then it is advisable to carry it out. If the repair is simply a temporary patch, perhaps it is time to think about buying a new fridge. Don't forget that refrigerators are usually guaranteed for several years, so if the breakdown has occurred before the guarantee expires, contact the manufacturer directly.

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