Washing machine takes longer time to wash and lags periodically

19th of October, 2020

Reasons why it happens and how to fix itReasons why it happens and how to fix it

When you throw the laundry into the washing, set the program, press Start, it happens that the washing machine freezes... It also happens that the washing machine takes too much time to wash... or suddenly does not turn off... There may be several reasons. Let's watch how the program runs and figure out the main ones:

  • If the process of collecting water is delayed, and because of this the washing machine washes longer, then there is a chance that the machine is in good working condition but the water supply is not, the tube is jammed or the water supply valve is clogged.
  • The same process can be delayed due to a clogged filter or suction tube; this problem makes the water flow weak. Clean filters and grids yourself, but consult a specialist.
  • The water supply may also be long if the water supply valve is faulty. In this case, the water simply stops flowing into the machine, or flows little by little because the diffuser is not fully open. To fix this problem, contact a specialist to replace the inlet valve.

Does the washing machine take longer time to wash, delaying to drain water?Does the washing machine take longer time to wash, delaying to drain water? 

The main reason for this may be a clogged drain diaphragm or a clogged connection pipe. The filter, of course, can be washed and cleaned, but the air blow of the hoses should be entrusted to a master.

Sometimes it happens that the unit does not start washing, but refills and drains water. There is a possibility of incorrect connection to the sewerage system, in this case, water from the washing machine drains itself and is collected again. Why does the washing machine take so long to wash with this malfunction? The water does not have time to warm up to the right temperature. You should contact a specialist to fix this connection. The same malfunction occurs when the water sensor is broken. The machine does not receive information that the water level is sufficient, so it accumulates and drains again.

Washer Appliance RepairWater may also be re-injected and drained due to water inlet valve failure. A washing machine most often washes for a longer time for this reason. This valve will need to be replaced. Laundry may be delayed at the water heating up stage. The main cause of this is often the hard scale on the heating element so that it needs to be cleaned. If the heating sensor fails, the "brain" of the machine receives incorrect data, as a result the heating process increases. In this case a new thermostat is required. If during the heating process your washing machine stopped or gave out an error, it means that the heating element has burnt down. If lagging occurs periodically and then the washing continues, the problem may be caused by the control board. Output: replacement of the control board. It is also possible that you have had a power cut so the control board of the washing machine might get burnt, so you need to replace it as well.

All these malfunctions without a proper repair will not only disable this part, but will also bring new malfunctions in the future. Plus, power consumption will increase, due to the fact that the washing machine runs longer. If you have noticed that the washing machine washes for a longer time, lags, produces various sounds then contact a highly professional repairman immediately!

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