When And Where To Put The Detergent In The Washing Machine

15th of October, 2020

How To Use Detergent ProperlyHow To Use Detergent Properly

Do you know where to put the detergent in the washing machine and when to put the fabric softener or bleach? Buttons, wheels, drawers, fabric softener, many kinds of detergents, bleach. Putting the washing machine in for the first time scares everyone. Some people even put it on every day, but they don't do it properly. Let's see when and where to put the detergent, softener and bleach in the washing machine, you'll become an expert!

There are many detergents on the market and each one has its own peculiarities, so it is normal that you make a mess when using the washing machine. The important thing is to know that all of them have one thing in common: they must be thrown out before starting the machine.

Types Of The DetergentTypes Of The Detergent 

Liquid detergent

Don't know where to put the liquid detergent in the washing machine? You have two options: In the detergent box (marked with the symbol II). Directly into the drum in the appropriate container, so that the liquid comes out little by little and does not fall directly onto the clothes.

Detergent powder

Powdered detergent should always be poured into the drum, since if it is put directly into the drum it can damage both the clothes and the washing machine.

Detergent in capsules

The capsules are designed to be placed in the drum along with the clothes before washing. To get the best result, we must put them in the bottom and place the clothes on top.

Washer Appliance RepairWhether you use liquid or powdered detergent, when you select a program with pre-wash, you will have to add it in the section designed for this purpose, which is normally marked with the symbol I.

How to use fabric softener in the washing machine

To avoid damaging the garments, it is best to pour the fabric softener into the washing machine's box, which is usually marked with a symbol in the shape of a flower. It is important to do it in the right measure, because if we go too far, we will spoil the washing efficiency. Current washing machines dose the product into the drum as needed. If you are looking for more softness, put it just before the last rinse. The only disadvantage is that you have to be aware of what stage the washing is in.

Where to put the bleach in the washing machine

Can you use bleach in the washing machine? Yes, but with certain precautions. The most obvious is that we should use it only with white clothes or, if necessary, choose a bleach for colored clothes. Some washing machines have a specific device for bleach, marked with a triangle. If yours doesn't have it, throw it in box II together with the detergent. For even greater effectiveness, wait until there are about twenty minutes of wash time left before adding it.

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