Why is the freezer hot

6th of October, 2020

Diagnostics and repairDo you feel that the walls of the freezer are hot? This is possible while the compressor is still running. But when the motor rests, the walls should cool down. If this does not happen, you should look for the reasons why the freezer is hot.

Why do freezer walls overheat

Originally, the design of the refrigerator provided for placement of the freezing chamber on top. In modern models, it is located at the bottom. This is a more rational approach as the compressor first pushes the cold into the freezer and then into the fridge.

Why are the walls of the freezer overheated 

Originally, the design of the refrigerator provided for placement of the freezing chamber on top. In modern models, it is located at the bottom. This is a more rational approach as the compressor first pushes the cold into the freezer and then into the fridge.

Incorrect thermoregulatory values or modeSince its task is to cool the products, it seems that its walls should also be cold. However, this is not the case. To understand better why they are heated, you need to understand the general principle of operation. 

Thanks to the compressor, the refrigerant circulates through the system, absorbs heat and thus cools the chambers. The accumulated heat is discharged through the grid, which was previously located on the rear wall.

Now these tubes are inside the body, on the sides and on top. So do not be surprised that it gets hot between the fridge and freezer. If the walls warm unbearably and cool down during the "rest" of the motor - then do not worry. The instructions specify the climatic class of equipment: at what temperature it should be used. But if the chamber heats up constantly and the temperature clearly exceeds the norm - it indicates the problem. 

Freezer Appliance RepairDiagnostics and repair

Listen, does the compressor shut down or does it work without stopping? If the operating time is exceeded, this indicates a malfunction. Therefore, the walls are heating up and do not have time to cool down. 

What could be an indirect cause of non-stop operation? 

The door of the compartment is often open for a long time.  Also in the seal may have formed a gap, and warm air penetrates inside. The temperature rises, the sensor reports this to the main module. Therefore, the last module does not give the command to turn off the motor until the required values are reached.

Refrigerator Appliance Repair

What can be done: 

  • Read the instructions again. Do not open the door for long. 
  • Inspect the rubber seal. If it is worn out, replace it. If it is clogged, wash with a warm solution of water and soap. Hot water treatment will help to get the rubber back in shape if it is deformed.
  • Check the hinge fasteners. They may have sagged, so the door does not fit tightly into the case. 


Incorrect thermoregulatory values or mode

With the "Super Freezing" mode installed on mechanical models, the freezer will cool down "until you turn it off. Check if you have inadvertently set this mode to "Super Freezing". 

Wine Cooler Appliance RepairToo low thermoregulation values will cause similar problems. Correct it. Wrong installation According to the rules, the case should stand at a distance of 5-7 cm from the walls, away from batteries and stoves. If the space is too small for normal ventilation, the walls may overheat.

Warm food 

Did you upload a lot of products to the department at once? Then the motor will run until the temperature recovers. Normally, this should not take more than 20-30 minutes. 

If ice builds up in the freezer with “No Frost”, this indicates a malfunction. The heat exchange is disturbed, the compressor is running with double load, and the walls of the freezer are getting hot. 

What kind of breakdowns cause the motor to run continuously and need repair? 

Ice-Maker Appliance RepairThe thermostat broke down. When the thermostat breaks down, the module cannot get the temperature data in the compartment, so it does not send a signal to the motor to shut down. It is possible to replace the thermostat yourself. Most often it is located inside the chamber on the side wall (with separate adjustment). 

  • Unscrew the sensor panel. 
  • Remove the defective element. 
  • Install a new part. 

Evaporator Problems 

Breakdown of any evaporator element threatens to break down the whole refrigerator. It is necessary to perform diagnostics of defrost timer, sensor, heater. In such cases, it is better to consult a master, because you need special equipment. He will remove the back wall and replace the broken parts. 

Range Appliance RepairFreon gas leakage 

This is a refrigerant that circulates through the system. A leak can occur for these reasons: 

  • Corrosion of the steel circuit. The refrigerant is moving along the tubes of the circuit and the slightest corrosion damage leads to a leak. 
  • During defrosting, you used physical force and damaged the chamber, possibly punctured the cabinet. Read more about it on the page "What to do if you punctured the freezer or evaporator".

It is necessary to contact the service center to localize the damage and refill the system with freon. Occasionally, the problem may be on the control board. If it is short-circuited or wet, the triac that controls the compressor may have burned. It is necessary to call all the elements and fix the breakage. Have you noticed that the walls of the freezer are heating up? Do not panic, check these elements and then call a specialist.


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