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Amana Appliance Repair

You might have heard a lot about Amana refrigerators, heaters and air conditioners. The evolution of the brand is very interesting. It was in 1934, that George Foerstner started Amana Corporation to manufacture commercial coolers in Amana Iowa. It was initially established as a part of Amana Society. The meaning of the name Amana is “remain faithful” and the brand was able to keep up the word to pursue good quality products. This was the main attraction of the company and most of the consumers were satisfied with the quality of their appliances. In 1947, Amana entered into the home market by manufacturing freezers. By 1949, refrigerators and freezers were made available to the public and it became very successful. In 1950, the company was sold to a group of capitalists that included George Foerstner too. Thus, the company was re-named to Amana Refrigeration, Inc.

In 1954, air conditioners were added to the product line of the company. It was in 1965 that Raytheon bought the Amana Refrigeration Company, which made a positive transition.

Raytheon had manufactured microwave oven in 1947 and Radarange model in 1954. Even though Raytheon manufactured some home appliances, they wanted the help of Amana to win the market. In 1967, Radarange’s consumer model was manufactured under the brand name Amana. This became the first designed microwave for home purpose. They manufactured many other products like furnaces, dishwashers, dryers and many more. It was in 1977 that Amana resigned from the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers due to some disputes.

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However in 1997, Raytheon sold the HVAC business and appliances to Goodman Holding Co. In 2001, Maytag purchased Amana’s Appliances from Goodman. This improved the strength of the market as Amana brand was well known for its quality worth products. In addition, Amana products had consumer awareness and Maytag was a top preferred brand. When these two giants came into combination, it extended the brand strategy. Maytag bought three factories of Amana in South Carolina, Arkansas and Iowa. But in 2006, the Whirlpool Corporation took over Amana. This is the entire history of the brand Amana and its products.

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