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A Few tips on how to repair Amana Microwave in San Diego

Microwave. Do we use any appliance more often than a microwave? Most likely not. To have your food heating system safe and sound consider some common issues below and the ways to get them fixed as well as how you can get assistance from professional San Diego Appliance Repair service with Amana Microwave Repair

Common Issue: Carousel fails to spin in your microwave

Solution: You need to turn off the Amana Microwave and unplug it from the main power before troubleshooting the issue. Once you are sure that no power is supplied to the unit, you need to open up the cabinet of your microwave to check what went wrong. The troubleshooting procedure may take a long time. So, make sure that you have enough time to complete the troubleshooting process without rushing.


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This issue can occur due to various reasons. You have to keenly inspect the unit to find out the root cause of the issue. You would find a small motor in your microwave which drives the carousel.

A fault in the motor or a blockage could freeze the carousel of your microwave. So, check if any food particles have blocked the motion of the motor. Carefully clean the motor and surrounding areas with lint free cotton. Fault in the motor does not affect the heating function of your microwave. The tray of your microwave sits on a plastic drive coupling. Rarely, this plastic drive coupling breaks and it affects the working of the Carousel. You have to get in touch with a technician to replace the plastic drive coupling and to restore the smooth working of your Carousel. Ring-and-roller assembly is another area to check, if the carousel of your microwave have stopped working. You can refer the user manual supplied with the unit to safely troubleshoot the issues occurring on your microwave. Clearing the blockage and cleaning the inner position of the microwave are the basic troubleshooting steps that you need to follow to fix majority of the issues.

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Once the basic troubleshooting steps are performed, you need to reassemble the cabinet, connect the power cable back to the main power and turn on the microwave to check if your hard work has fixed the issue. If the Carousel is still not spinning, you need to get in touch with an expert technician for Amana Microwave Repair service.

Do not try any complicated troubleshooting steps unless you are a technical expert. Careless troubleshooting steps can cause serious troubles. You can approach the nearest microwave service center to fix the issues or schedule an appointment with our certified Amana Microwave Repair  technician, which will save your time and effort. So, whenever you experience an issue with your microwave, check if the unit is under warranty. If it’s under warranty, you can fix the issue without even paying a single penny. Always approach authorized service centers to repair your Amana Microwave. Our company is the one that can provide high-quality technical assistance and ensure good long-lasting results. Happy to assist and always there to come to your aid.