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F.A.Q. on electric Amana Range Repair in San Diego

Being a good cook for the family is super easy with Amana Brand Ranges. You can make  excellent meals, dinner appetizers and exquisite food thanks to features of electric Amana Ranges. But unfortunately they sometimes break down, or some problems occur that might cause inconveniences. Our San Diego Appliance Repair Service can get your range working in no time!

Common Issue: The bake element of the electric range oven doesn’t work when set to bake; No lights come on from the oven when the clock is set to 350 degrees but when set to broil, the light does come on.

Amana Range Repair Solution: Make sure the wirings to the control board are perfect and secure. Check for any burnt wires and it needs to be replaced immediately. Also make sure the ribbon connector from the touchpad is tucked in securely.

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Even if the wirings and other connections are good, the control board may be defective. Changing them depends on the age of the stove. If the heat element doesn’t function properly, test for power to check if the unit is receiving the correct voltages.Test the surface burner, receptacle and the burner switch. If still problem persists, check the solid-disc element and test the burner switch. If it is the same again, test the radiant heating element and finally test the burner switch. If the Cooking Range or oven clock doesn’t work properly, make sure that the controls are set properly by checking out the owner's manual. If that doesn’t solve the problem, check the circuit breaker or blown fuse. Test for the power and replace the fuse if needed and then check the clock.

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Common Issue: Broiler isn’t functioning properly or not working at all.

Solution: The components present in the circuit are thermostat, which you set to broil and it is supposed to send power to the oven igniter and the oven safety valve.

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The oven is heated or the broiler is ignited with the help of oven igniter which takes an amount of current and results in getting very hot. Once it is hot, the oven safety valve opens up. If you are not able to see any glow, which means the igniter has failed. You. may happen to see a small crack in the igniter which is a result of malfunctioning.The other possibility is due to a bad circuit for the broil portion of the oven safety valve and the oven thermostat doesn’t send a signal to those components to turn on the oven when setting it to broil. You may require a flashlight and open up the oven door and look for the burner tube which is towards the back wall of the oven. You will see the igniter which is mounted to the burner itself. Unplug the unit before taking out the igniter. The igniter issues are mostly found in ovens.

You don’t have to handle it on your own! Go ahead and call our Amana Range Repair Service. Once you contact us, Professional, Affordable and Certified repair service will be provided with Amana Range Repair. Our technicians are available any time to come to your aid and fix any problems you might face with your appliances. So don’t hesitate to call and get the help needed.