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Our Company specializes in Appliance Repair Services. And one of the brands we repair is the reputed Bosch Company products. Whenever you are in need of Bosch Appliance Repair Service it will be our pleasure to offer you a wide variety of services in the first place. We target at offering Bosch Appliance Repair Service which is high-quality, affordable and serves the best interests of our clients.

We highly esteem achievements of our partners in the development of innovative technologies. And Bosch company is no exception. Bosch Company is one of the leading firms in the home appliances industry. It has marked its name in every field it operates.  This great company was established as a small firm named “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Engineering” in 1886 in Stuttgart Germany by Robert Bosch.  It passed through many ups and downs to get established. After so many years of working, in 1967 Bosch joined hands with Siemens on a 50-50 partnership called B/S/H. They decided to work together on manufacturing and marketing of home appliances in Europe.

Gradually they started to spread their web throughout the world. Later both these companies together acquired the stakes of a Greek company called Pitsos in 1976. They started mass production and started to grow even wider. By 1981 they reached bigger heights in the industry of home appliances. It was in 1982 they took over another premier brand in cooking appliances Neff. Neff was a German company.

The process of absorbing different companies continued as a part of the growth of the firm. The company expanded in Europe by absorbing other firms like the Balay, S.A and Safel, these were two good Spanish brands. This was in the year of 1988.

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By 1991 Bosch and Siemens decided to push their business out of Europe. This plan was carried out by exporting dishwashers to America. Later in 1994, they acquired another German company manufacturing end kitchen appliances, the company was called Gaggenau. All acquisitions were making the company larger and mightier. They maintained their standard and reputation in a better way along with capturing new heights. Bosch and Siemens was keen in spreading their roots to all countries in the world, as part of reaching their goal, they extended their empire to China. They made an entry to China as producers of washers. They made their stand strong in that land also. The demand for Bosch products was mounting each day. As a result to meet the increasing demands they began a manufacturing plant in New Bern, North Carolina, in 1997. Later in 2004, two other plants were added to this.

1998 was a remarkable year in the success story of Bosch as it moved to a better vista of growth by taking over Thermador Corporation, which was large maker of home appliances.

After this the company changes its name to BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH. BSH was prefixed to the name of all its subsidiaries. This was done in order to unify the ever expanding branches and auxiliaries of this giant corporation.  More than 40 millions appliances are sold out in different brand names. But they are able to keep their ultimate goal of marinating the quality.

You are very likely to have used at least some of Bosch high-quality technologies. If you experience some difficulties in the operation of your device don’t hesitate to contact us in the first place. It’s our pleasure to take all necessary arrangements for your appliance to be cared for properly and in a timely manner. Bosch Appliance Repair issue is truly our part, so call us right now and benefit from our services.