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We are a well-known company that offers high-rated, competitive Appliance Repair Service to our customers. Amongst the many services we offer is the Dacor Appliance Repair Service. Whenever you contact us a Dacor Appliance Repair technician will be scheduled to come over to investigate the underlying problems, examine and assist.

The idea of setting up Distinctive Appliance Corporation, which is abbreviated to Dacor, was formulated by Stan Joseph with the support of his dutiful wife Florence. Stan, together with Florence managed to put up a small appliance store in Northern California in the year 1933. Soon the couple realized that they don’t want to merely sell the kitchen appliances at the store anymore, in turn, they wanted to design and build them too. They were very passionate about cooking. Their sons Michael Joseph and Tony Joseph joined the family business. Therefore in the year 1965, Dacor was founded as a company. Until date the ownership is vested with Joseph's family. In 1965, Dacor elected Michael as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Tony as its Vice Chairperson.

Also, it is in this year that the company’s annual sales hit $ 50,000. In 1983, Dave Wick joined Dacor as a District Sales Manager for the Midwest. He was later promoted to the post of Senior Vice President and the Chief adviser of the CEO.

Dacor is a company which is committed to fabricate incomparable kitchen appliances. Here at Dacor, cooking has always remained an important element of the family tradition. Since 1965, the Dacor family has produced a truly exceptional array of appliances. Over the years, Dacor has evolved itself as the leaders of the kitchen appliances market. No matter what the customer preferences are, Dacor delivers a taste of luxury in every product it comes up with.

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In 1997, Dacor instituted their value statement which is “To honor God is all that we do”. The Dacor employees support the company value and promulgate it in their personal lives as well. In the year 2001, Dacor launched the campaign “Life of the kitchen” which showcased their commitment to family and community. It was a multi-million dollar campaign. The sales hit $200 million in the year 2002. Due to this, the company announced two high level promotions. George Simadiris now became Dacor’s new Vice President of Engineering and David J.Jordan was the Senior Director of Quality Assurance (QA). Later in 2007, Ric Brutocao was appointed to look after the day-to-day operations of the company. He was directed to report to the CEO. Exclusive features found in the Dacor products and their obsession for delivering quality products, their craftsmanship makes them who they are. They say at Dacor, it is the details that make all the difference.

So colorfully arrayed, rich in history and distinctive in make-up is the Dacor Company in our day. All the more luxuriant in products and overall features is what this company is all about. No wonder many people highly value its incomparably rich array of kitchen equipment.

Though convenient and durable their maintenance sometimes undoubtedly calls for professional intervention. And this is what we are happy to offer to the large audience of our Dacor users: high-quality, affordable Dacor Appliance Repair Service beneficial and in the best interests of our customers are what we competitively offer. We suggest that you call us right now to set an appointment with one of our technicians.