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Affordable Dacor Range Repair In San Diego

Having a broken range can leave you frustrated. Some common range defects that you may experience include failure of electric burners or gas to heat. If the burners aren't heating, don't worry anymore. We have come up with easy tips on San Diego Dacor Range Repair to help you solve the issues in 5 minutes or so.

But before you carry out any repairs, you must have the following tools:

  • Special brush;
  • Needles or sharp object;
  • Tiny screwdriver.

Your Gas Range doesn’t heat

Typically, there are 2 gas range types in the market. They include a sealed burner and standard type. The standard model has essential sections, which include the following: pilots as well as igniters. You can access the parts by lifting the top lid. In case your gas burner fails to burn or light, do the following steps:

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Step 1: Scrub or wipe the Igniter or Pilot 

  • For safety reasons, stop the supply of gas before cleaning appliance;
  • Raise the hinged top to access the ignition structure;
  • Clean the burner properly. Often about 80% of the issues are addressed by just cleaning the entire heater;
  • In case the burner is stuck, gently push or pull it, while shaking it gently, to unstuck it before you do the cleaning;
  • Locate the igniter and wipe it thoroughly as well;
  • Identify the pilot and scrub it properly.

Step 2: Scrub the Burner Component

  • With a diameter brush or a related small brush, scrub or wipe the burner component;
  • Scrub the burner ports to unseal your burner, and guarantee that they won't get clogged in the future;
  • Then try out your burners to find out whether they can ignite as designed;
  • In case your burner still fails to ignite, lift, or drop the height of the flame for the standard pilot.
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Step 3: A Range Burner is not heating

First, unplug the range from the power supply before you carry out your Dacor range repair. If it has a faulty burner, you can sort it out quickly by going through these steps:

  • Scrutinize your stove for any signs of damage. Replace all the worn out burners;
  • Inspect all the connecting components. Ensure that they are well joined and touching normally;
  • Pick a similar and functional burner and put it in the faulty socket. If it works, then you will certainly know that the defect is only found in the stove but not in any of the outlets. You should replace the defective burner with a new one that works;
  • Next, scrutinize the burner socket. If the range burner is worn out, change it without delay.

Tips for Purchasing Replacement Components for your Range

  • Your appliance may require new components when carrying out your Dacor Range Repair. Use these tips before buying anything:
  • Write all the details of your range, such as serial data, brand or model information;

  • Make a call to your supplier to determine whether the component that you require is readily available;

  • Make your purchase. You can do this online. But best of all call our San Diego Dacor Range Repair and schedule an appointment with our technician.