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Dacor Refrigerator

DCS Appliance Repair

DCS Appliances manufactures quality appliances for your home or commercial business. DCS's dishwashers, DCS microwave ovens, DCS cooking ranges and all other DCS products are first class in the appliance world. In particular DCS prides itself on their cooking ranges, ovens and other commercial kitchen needs. They have perfected even heat for cooking. Their attention to detail makes them stand out from all the rest. DCS can meet all of you indoor, outdoor, home and commercial needs. They have a variety of stainless steel and paneled appliances. Starting as a company that catered to commercial appliances, DCS brings that same quality, durability and reliability to their home designs. You can meet any cooking, refrigeration, ventilation or design requirements that with DCS. DCS manufactures the following appliances.

  • Microwave
  • Cooking Range
  • Refrigeration Unit
  • Oven
  • Cooktop
  • Dishwasher

When caring for DCS appliance repair and maintenance, we are leading the way! Our trained professionals will come out to your home or business at your convenience to repair any of your DCS appliances. Every brand of appliance takes special and thorough training to repair and maintain, that is why we ensure that our technicians are fully qualified to work on any DCS appliance and troubleshoot any issues you may be having.

Refrigerator Repair

Your home’s appliances serve important purposes in your home. Each offers you a specific and vital function, such as keeping foods cold, allowing you to prepare and warm your food with ease and so forth. While appliances may serve an important function for you, they can also add style. Many homeowners across the country have chosen DCS appliances in their home because of the unique combination of high quality features and innovative style they provide. DCS is a subsidiary of Fisher and Paykel, and it manufactures appliances such as ovens, ranges, vent hoods, warming drawers, cook tops, refrigerators and more.

When it comes to using your DCS appliances, you can happily use your appliances for years without an issue. However, one day you may be looking for a DCS appliance repair company to visit your home and make repairs to your appliances. A broken appliance can be a real inconvenience to you, as it limits or even eliminates your functional use of your appliance. Our company is the repair company that has years of experience in DCS appliance repair as an authorized appliance repair company. Our technicians are skilled in diagnosing your appliance issues and quickly repairing them for you.


Dacor Washer, Dryer Repair

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Some repair issues can be corrected by the homeowner without the need for a service call. You can inspect your appliance today to ensure it is receiving ample power needed for operation. Consider reviewing the gas line and electricity cord to ensure all cords are plugged in to both the wall and the appliance. Then, check your home’s circuit breaker box to verify that a fuse has not been tripped. These are sometimes the reason why an appliance is not functioning, and inspecting these areas first may help to eliminate the need for repair service.

While these basic steps can sometimes resolve your issue, other issues require a professional repairman. Some of the reasons why homeowners call us out to their homes include:

— when the fridge has stopped cooling

— when the ice maker has stopped producing ice

— when the oven is not heating up fully as desired

— when the range does not turn on

— when the oven door has been damaged or broken

Whether you can identify with one of the repair needs to be noted above or you have a unique issue not listed here, we can help to repair your appliance and restore its function for you. Schedule a repair service appointment today. Call Us.