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Nothing can give you worse headache when waking up on Saturday morning and finding that your washing machine can't fill, spin or start cycle. How about the clogged drain? This is not good at all. Luckily, some washing machines are designed to show an error whenever any crucial part breaks down. This is a feature that alerts you in case of any breakdown. But sometimes, your washer remains silent, and no effort can get it started.

Common Signs of a Faulty Washer

While, as an ordinary homeowner, you may not notice when your washer is already broken, even experts may need some extra set of skills to denote the issue. To a great extent, the user manual may give you some signs, whenever your washer starts malfunction. Moreover, you still need the hands of professionals to help you make a proper diagnosis that will go a long way to dealing with the issue at fault in your washing machine.

To help you keep tabs with the early signs, here is a brief list of common symptoms and issues of a washer that is begins to malfunction and ultimately wholly breaks down:

  • Not Spinning

A lot of factors could be the reason behind a lack of proper spinning or no spinning at all. For example, a faulty motor, filtration system or clutch. You must check with your user manual to make a general assessment. Or seek professional help, especially if there are loud vibrations or noise.

  • Washer not filling up with water

Definitely, your priority is to ensure that your washer is filling with water. Possibly, there is no water supply, or the pressure or water level is low, these issues are among common reasons causing breakdowns.

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  • Not Draining

Sometimes, due to debris and dirt, the drainage system and pipes can get blocked. This is the primary cause of the issue, including a failed control system, among many others.

  • Not Starting

In this case, possibly the electric control system has failed, or the water inlet assembly is at fault. Keen scrutiny of your washer in line with the user manual can help to make a proper diagnosis.

  • Bad Water temperature

Water temperature is essential in washing clothes as required. A water heater or temperature control system may be damaged.

We got you covered!

You don’t need to worry because you can have it repaired without spending all your savings. As San Diego Fisher and Paykel Washer Repair Company, we are here to help you hear again the proper sound of your washer that you cherish most of all. We all know that no one loves doing laundry, but your good friend – washer – will do it diligently, but only when it is in good working condition. We have a lot of experience in the field of repair. We have served hundreds and thousands of happy customers with professional washer repair. For what to buy a new washer while you can have your faulty appliance repaired by our team of experts? Call us today.