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Among the many Appliance Repair Services we offer is the Frigidaire Appliance Repair Service which is available anytime for anyone who experiences difficulties with his appliance. How did the Frigidaire Company come to be?

It is said that the first refrigerator was kept for sale in the year of 1913. Later in 1915 Alfred Mellows made new model of refrigerator, which was a revolution in that era. In 1916 in Fort Wayne, Guardian Refrigerator Company was formed in order to market these refrigerators. Later this was taken over by General Electronics in 1918. During this process the company got its name Frigidaire. From there the company witnessed a rapid and steady growth. The technological innovations and products quality captured the minds of the public and reaped so much of profit from 1919 to 1929.

It was in 1926 that Frigidaire produced the all-steel refrigerators. They were the first to produce such kind of product. Frigidaire was the first company to introduce porcelain coating on the steel refrigerator. Frigidaire was the first to introduce a lot of innovations into the refrigerator industry. It included first home food chest freezer, self contained air conditioner and hydrator. They also introduced many technologies like self-oiling rotary compressor unit. They were also the first in introducing the window type air conditioner.

They continued their growth even during the great depression of the 1930's. They had more than 20,000 employees in the United States during the end of World War II. After selling more than one million refrigerators, they shifted to international marketing. By 1932 the refrigerator production was over 2 and a half million, which galloped to a six million by 1941. By 1947 they entered to the laundry product line also.

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The innovations in the refrigerator industry continued. They also introduced the first automatic defrosting refrigerator in the year of 1952. In 1964 this company proudly introduces the jet action washer with roller – an automatic mechanism; this had no belts, pulley or gears. This was a great contribution to the industry. In 1979 the white Consolidated Industries purchased the company from General Motors. Later in 1986 this was again sold to AB Electrolux of Sweden, by the WCI. In 1991, the company got more exposure and growth under the AB Electrolux.

It gained a new tagline and logo. The company was made as the leader of the group of brands which included Kelvinator, Gibson, Euro flair, White-Westinghouse and Tappan. The company is continuing the path of development with its new generation refrigerator and other home appliances. No wonder the slogan of the company goes, ’It is creating a better tomorrow’.

Much like the slogan of this company we have committed ourselves to creating a better tomorrow with our services.

Thus the Frigidaire Appliance Repair Service is called to bring good to the homes of our clients and to alleviate the heavy load of the appliance maintenance. Our Frigidaire Appliance Repair Service is affordable. If you apply to our company you will save yourself heavy fees: moderate prices are charged. It is certified: we are a licensed company that possesses a large domain of activity and manages dozens of qualified specialists at its disposal. It is reliable: we offer a competitive warranty conditions to our clients that ensure durable, long-lasting results and good maintenance conditions. If you contact us for assistance we guarantee you will be satisfied!