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An oven is considered to be the heart of all kitchen. It is important in making delicious food and family meals at home. The restaurants, bakeries and cafes use ovens too. Since ovens are used all the time, they can develop some faults. These faults, if they are not handled on time, can break down your appliance. Since we are greatly depend on a warm homemade meal, it will be difficult to live without oven even a day. On the other hand, a faulty oven will greatly affect sales at restaurants and bakeries. Visitors demand hot and fresh food in restaurants and bakers need to bake a fresh batch of bakery goods every hour or so. Because of faulty or malfunctioned oven the visitors will definitely become disappointed and dissatisfied. Since, ovens are an expensive purchase, don’t fret yourself into looking new oven, rather hire San Diego Frigidaire Oven Repair. We deal with fixing and repairing ovens from all brands and models. If the part of your appliance is broken, we can also fix that at an instant. So, if you see that your oven has gone bad? Please read the following list of ovens issues to identify signs of a faulty oven:

An oven is not turning on

Now, this is the most common issues with the gas-based and electric based-ovens. Whether the circuit has tripped or due to the defective switch or faulty burner, the burner won’t ignite, due to which the oven will also not turn on. Since it is a complicated appliance with multiple switches, it is better to call for San Diego Frigidaire Oven Repair rather than try to fix it yourself.

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The oven timer is not working

Timer or oven programming is based on control board of the oven. If your oven timer is not working properly, it means that the control board has crashed. So, you should call for immediate action to replace the control board. San Diego Frigidaire Oven Repair can fix your timer issues in an instant, and also give you the warranty to the replaced parts.

Oven is overheating

If the thermostat is not working properly, it can become very hot and make your oven overheated. The oven becomes too hot to handle by yourself. Whenever you see this sign, turn off the oven immediately and call for our oven repair services. The sooner you call the sooner we can fix your oven and get it ready for you.

The oven door is not opening

This issue is typical for self-cleaning ovens. You cannot open the door during the self-cleaning cycle of the oven. But if the door is still not opening after the cycle, call us immediately. Our expert will check for any broken parts, seals and sensors to check the cause of this issue. They will provide the necessary maintenance and repair to fix your door in no time. Our oven repair experts have years of experience at fixing ovens both at homes and restaurants. We are a very reputable company. So, avail our affordable and efficient services today!