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Useful tips on Frigidaire Refrigerator Repair San Diego

You might likely know that the list of Frigidaire products commonplace in our day is quite long. And the Frigidaire refrigerator is included in it. It is remarkable for very good quality, beautiful design and affordable price. But, unfortunately, breakdowns can not be avoided altogether - they occur sometimes. Not a problem for San Diego Appliance Repair service! And Refrigerator repair service is fortunately on the top of the list.

Problem: The refrigerator makes a slight whistling noise. This noise lasts a couple of seconds or every five minutes. This high-pitched sound seems to be coming from the back of the refrigerator.

Frigidaire refrigerator repair solution: This noise is like the noise, which the refrigerator makes, when the refrigerant is passed through the tubing. The new units have smaller tubing for the condenser as it helps to condense the refrigerant a bit more efficiently. As a result of more refrigerant being pushed through a smaller tube, the high-pitch sounds and noise comes from the tubing. In some Frigidaire refrigerators, it consists of actual drier which helps in draining and keeping the refrigerant clean. Sometimes it needs to be adjusted due to the noise.

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The whistling is occurred as a result of air moving around the interior of the refrigerator, even if the refrigerator is turned off.  The air is being moved from a cold area to a warmer area. The need to start the compressor is simply eliminated as one area needs more cooling.

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Problem: The unit is noisy during the defrost cycle and makes popping and snapping sounds.

Solution: It is a normal operation. When the fridge goes into defrost, the compressor is turned off and the defrost heater is turned on behind the wall in the freezer. This heater helps in melting all the frost and ice off the cooling coil and then it drips through the underside of the refrigerator. The water is evaporated into the room air. The hissing sound is normal as the water is dripping on a hot heating element. The sounds can be controlled by using defrost timer in the units. Set the timing of the defrost cycle when it won’t bother you. Ice cracking is caused as a result of when the ice is being produced by the ice maker or when the defrost system removes the ice build up off the cooling coils. Ice cracking and snapping occurs even if you have an ice storage bucket. It mostly happens during summer as warm air invades the ice bucket to produce noises.

But if you don’t feel like repairing it yourself turn to us for professional support.

Once you contact us, one of our professional Frigidaire refrigerator repair technicians will be at your place in the next couple of hours. Our Frigidaire refrigerator repair service is affordable and ensures good quality for all. Have no doubts, that your problem will be addressed in the most decent manner.