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A Few Tips On How To Repair GE Range in San Diego

General Electronics is well established and reputed company. They are known for the quality of their products and services. They use the most advanced technologies in many types of electronic equipment like refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and many more. If you are the one to use a GE range or an oven you know that some common problems might hinder the work of your appliance and cause malfunctioning. Here are some common issues our technicians from San Diego Appliance Repair service have met over the years and the proper solutions for them.

GE range repair issue: The temperature remains consistent and accurate till 300 degrees. But the temperature does not reach the required level when it goes beyond 300 degrees.

GE range repair solution: In general case when you start up the oven, the control board will move in a sequence between two elements called the bake and broil element.

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This will help to reduce the time required for preheating the oven. Later it will be maintained by the bake element or the lower unit which is found in the oven floor. Most often this type of temperature problem occurs when the oven uses the bake element alone to maintain the temperature. This will lead to temperature fluctuations when it goes beyond 300 degrees. In case your bake element is working properly, then the culprit will be the controls. Generally the main control board of almost all GE ranges has central point called the relay. If the relay is shot, then the oven may lose its control and this type of problem will occur. A breakdown or burn in the wires will also cause problems to the system.

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GE range repair issue: It takes about 10 minutes to get heated  and F2 code error is appearing.

GE range repair solution: The F2 error indicates that the oven temperature has gone above 590 degrees. This occurs either due to a bad sensor or a bad control board.

GE range repair issue: The oven shows that its temperature is proper, but when measured with a thermostat, it indicates a different temperature.

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GE range repair solution: Usually when the oven is started up the control board will rotate among the bake and broil element. After this the temperature is normally maintained at the lower limit or the bake element. Now when you change it to the broil element, make sure that both the bake and broil elements are radiating bright red color. The light will glow bright if the bake element is not getting hot. This may be the cause of your temperature fluctuation. You can check it for continuity using a multimeter. If it doesn’t show any problems in the continuity test, then the problem may be with the controls. This problem may occur if the relay on the main control board is bad or if there is some problem with the wiring. You can also check oven sensor. If all these are ok then the problem is sure to be the entire main control board according to the one which you have in your system.

If you have taken all the actions you could and the appliance still doesn’t work properly, we recommend that you call a specialist. And not just any specialist, but the most professional, experienced and polite technician that can be found only in our company. We are available around the clock and we offer affordable, reliable and high-quality services for your appliances. Once an appointment is scheduled, the technician will come to your place and perform the most accurate diagnosis followed by the proper repair, so you would find you GE range functioning as good as new!