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San Diego GE Refrigerator Repair

A Few Tips On How To Repair GE Refrigerator in San Diego

General electronics is one of the leading companies in the production and service of electronic goods. Their product passes through a wide range of products including refrigerators, ovens, ranges and many others. Though the products are high quality and durable some common problems might cause them to work not properly enough. In case this happens, there is always a way to get professional assistance from San Diego Appliance Repair service. But before you seek professional help you might find it useful to consider some common issues that might cause malfunctioning and the solutions for them.

GE refrigerator repair issue: All the food items kept inside the GE refrigerator is getting frozen.

GE refrigerator repair solution: This problem mainly occurs when the temperature is not properly set. Check the temperature using a refrigerator thermometer.

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It may be fixed very low, you can easily adjust it. It should range between 35 to 42 degrees.  If the refrigerator is not getting warmer even after setting the temperature is made right, then there may be some issue with the thermostat. Check it and fix it.

GE refrigerator repair issue: There is a leak in the freezer door. This is because of a gap in between the door and the seal in the center when the doors are closed.

GE refrigerator repair solution: This can be solved by adjusting the doors. Warp the door by loosening the screws around the perimeter. This will help a portion of the door to sit close to the frame. Another step is warm the gaskets using a hair dryer. Move the dryer back and forth after closing the doors. Make sure that you don’t overheat the gaskets.

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This will make it brittle. This will invite unwanted troubles. Hence, always be careful while doing this. Using a hair dryer will help to make it more elastic and the magnetic strip running round the sides of the door seal will help to pull it back to frame correctly. This will help to make the sealing correct and the air won’t get inside the refrigerator. This will avoid the leakage.

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Common issue with GE refrigerator: Not able to seal the door gasket properly due to a thick shabby shellac type stuff formed on the door seal. It is quite sticky and hence cannot pull it off.

GE refrigerator repair solution: If this is second refrigerator and not in daily use, you can take off the door gaskets and soak it in warm water with some kind of cleansing solution. If this is not possible you will have to go for replacements this can be done with the help of a cut to fit door gasket kit. This is commonly available in market, but replacement is not an easy task. It involves so much of labor; hence, it doesn’t always work at home.

If you have taken the above-mentioned actions and the problem still remains, we recommend you to reach out for professional help. You can do this by simply calling our company by the number below. We’ll be happy to schedule an appointment for a technician to come and settle the issue at a time convenient for you. GE refrigerator repair is not an easy thing to do, so don’t hesitate to ask for assistance and have your appliance repaired in safe and efficient manner!