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The evolution of Hotpoint Electric Heating Company (simply known as Hotpoint) is very interesting and encouraging. Do you know about the first successful commercial product of Hotpoint? Well, it was in 1907 that Earl. H Richardson from Pacific Electric Heating Company called his electric iron as Hotpoint. This later became a very famous laundry iron. You will be surprised to know that in 1910, electric stove was introduced first by George A. Hughes with the help of The Hughes Company. It was in 1912 that the name, Pacific Electric Heating Company was changed to Hotpoint Electric Heating Company.

By this year the company took fame in the field of home appliances. In 1914, the trademark of Hotpoint was registered at US license office. It was in 1918 that the Hotpoint Electric Heating Company, Hughes’ company and General Electric’s heating section started working together which resulted in the formation of Edison Electric Appliance Company. However, the products where produced in the name of Hotpoint.

In 1919, Hotpoint introduced electric range in two colors that is, brown and black, and it continued up to 1922. In 1920, an agreement was set up between the Hotpoint Electric Heating Company and the American Company General Electric (GE). The purpose of this agreement was to build up an agency to sell the home appliances of GE brands in U.K. This agency came to be known as HEAC (Hotpoint Electric Appliance Company Ltd.). It was in 1922 that the porcelain white stove of Hotpoint acquired an order. In 1923, Hotpoint added white range and nickel trim to the products. In 1929, AEI (Associated Electrical Industries) was joined by Hotpoint Electric Heating Company, which became a part of GEC group (General Electric Company). In 1931, Hotpoint included refrigerators also in its appliance list. This production was combined with the production of General Electric Company, and the Edison Electric Appliance Company reformed into Edison General Electric Company.

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You might have heard that Hotpoint has design service help that enables the customers to plan their kitchen. This was initially started in 1935 when Raymond C. Sandin became a part of the design department in the Hotpoint. In 1944 they started advertising the “Kitchen of the Future” in magazines. In 1965, the design staff under Raymond C. Sandin grew up to 13 and he was in charge of the design department until his death.

In 1989, Hotpoint got migrated into further divisions of General Electric Company and came to be known as General Domestic Appliances. In 2001, almost fifty percentage of Marconi plc was purchased by Merloni Elettrodomestici. In 2005, Hotpoint which was marketed by Merloni became very famous European brand name and it was renamed as Indesit. It was in 2007 that Indesit planned to use Hotpoint as a premier brand.

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