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Solutions For a Hotpoint Microwave Repair in San Diego

Are you a proud holder of the Hotpoint microwave oven in your kitchen? Congratulations! Hotpoint brand is famous for energy-efficient and highly productive domestic appliances for the kitchen and laundry room. Hotpoint microwaves per se have a long and interesting history of manufacturing, and at some point back in the days revolutionized the idea of cooking. So, your kitchen would undoubtedly be incomplete without this essential cooking device. 

But even such a reliable brand product as Hotpoint microwave can bring some faults to our attention after a longer period of exploitation. In case you come across some common problems, here are some steps to solve the issues.

Microwave door and power issues

The door of your microwave oven helps to keep the heat and energy inside, which is essential for the food warming process. The cooking problem occurs when the door seal is damaged in some and doesn’t fit correctly. The repair solution is to make sure to get your microwave checked by an experienced appliance repair technician. 

If your microwave doesn’t turn on or there is no power in it, check if the device is plugged in properly. Otherwise, the appliance must have got a blown thermal fuse or defect on the door switch. The thermal fuse helps the device, by protecting it from blowing, when high power is passing through it. The fuse blows as a result of electrical overload. The defect of the door switch won’t let the microwave to complete the circuit and function properly. Contact our repair service for a technician to replace the fuse or the door switch! If you happen to experience the electrical smoke smell, it is due to the heating up of the circuit board. In the case of the conventional microwave, there will be a dusty smoke smell. The smell will vanish once the dust gets burned off. 

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Certified And Affordable Microwave Repair

Chip and scorch marks in the microwave can be removed by applying touch-up paints that are available in the hardware stores. If you happen to see sparks inside your microwave, turn off the device right away! Food or liquid spills might cause the sparks.  In such a case, use mild soap and water to clean the device properly. Furthermore, check for any metallic substances near the unit. Also, there might be defective internal parts or wire breaks that cause sparks. You'd better contact the San Diego Hotpoint microwave repair certified service and ask an experienced appliance repair person to examine your device closely. 

Make sure you do not put metal dishes or utensils inside the microwave. When undergoing any repairs or maintenance on the unit, it is mandatory to unplug it from the power supply. Use a surge protector to prevent power issues, which may damage internal equipment. Never heat food with a foil wrapping. Instead, use microwave-safe lids or paper towels to cover food. Make sure your microwave is running on power without anything inside as it damages the magnetron and other components inside the oven.

Finally, don't hesitate to call us for professional and affordable help! We are available to schedule an appointment at any time, so a technician can reach you asap and get your appliance fixed at low cost. Once you contact us, we will make sure all the necessary measures are taken to provide the best possible service.