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Jenn Air industrial fans were used in various commercial as well as industrial applications. Thus, sale of self ventilating exhaust fans was made to the industries. Later, in 1961, Jenn Air invented the first ever self ventilated cooktop. This was possible with the integration of the cook tops and one of the exhaust fans. With this invention, Jenn Air started capturing the market of kitchen apparels. They provided excellent quality of goods to their customers. They came up with a new product line which consisted of kitchen appliances such as: microwave ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators. They came up with a new product line which consisted of kitchen appliances such as: microwave ovens, dishwashers and refrigerators.  They also dealt with blenders and mixer grinders. These small appliances were either semi portable or fully portable. Some of the home based small appliances could easily be placed on the top of the table (table tops) and some others could go on the top of certain counters (counter tops).

With the passage of time, they began expanding their thoughts and they came up with a variety of kitchen appliances. Their journey to reach the top started in the late 1960s. In 1965 the first ever downdraft ventilation cooktop was introduced. Two years later in the year 1967, the Jenn Air came up with an electric grill (downdraft ventilated electric grill) cook top.

They also introduced a single grill in the same year. As the years passed, they grew in size and also in terms of sales. Their sales crossed 100 million dollars mark in the year 1981. The year 1982 dawned with the acquisition of the Jenn Air Corporation by the Maytag Corporation. It was subsequently taken over by the Whirlpool Corporation in the year 2006.

With the acquisition of Maytag Corporation, the Whirlpool Corporation came to be known as the largest producer of the home appliances. Having employed more than 70000 people across the globe and having setup more than 70 manufacturing units and research centers worldwide, the company is listed in the Fortune 500. The latest reports state that the annual turnover of the Whirlpool Corporation is $18.4 billion.

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If you diagnose the default in your appliance, you need to repair it. Remember to unplug the appliance before making any repairs. But before you will  repair household appliances by yourself, take thought that the help of professionals will be much better. Trying to fix household appliances by yourself you can do even worse than before. This will only increase your expenses and waste time that you could have spent on your favorite things. If you are concerned about the repair of household appliances, you can contact our Jenn Air Appliance Repair company for the repair of household appliances and get expert help on the same day that you call us.

Our Jenn Air appliance repair company gives warranty for all types of services provided. Our Jenn Air appliance repair company has been on the market for the provision of household appliances repair services for many years. Over the years, our company has hundreds of customers who are satisfied with our services and are happy owners of well-functioning equipment. Of course, this has been achieved with the help of our qualified specialists.

Call our company for the repair of household appliances, and you can become one of these lucky people. After your call, our expert will come to your house on the same day and solve all your problems with household appliances.