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A Few Tips On How To Repair Kenmore Range San Diego

Kenmore is a most widely used kitchen range, oven and gas range brand. It is one of the most convenient and cost effective brands available. But even such a high-quality appliances as Kenmore can break. In this case, you may need to contact our mobile San Diego appliance repair company for assistance. Some common errors that occur while operating Kenmore range and its solutions are given below.

Kenmore range repair issue: Gas burner does not light; the burner does not light even after gas for the front burners is turned on.

Kenmore range repair solution: If your Kenmore gas range burner fails to ignite, first step in repairing it is checking its burner. There are small holes alongside of the burner from which the gas comes out and hits the spark area. If these small holes are blocked the gas may not hit spark area and it will not trigger the ignition. You need to clean up these holes first. You should use something very small to clean the burner, a pin or a sewing needle will be too large. So make sure to use something very small.

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If the burner is ok and you can hear the sound of gas coming out then the problem is due to spark module. The problem can also occur due to the malfunctioning of spark electrode, a little ceramic item would be cracked and blocking the gas.

Kenmore range repair issue: Main oven heat higher than set temperature, burning everything

Kenmore range repair solution: First step is to check whether both broil element and bake element are working instead of a control board. This model has a thermostat that controls the temperature. You must put in an oven thermometer and check the temperatures. If the unit is 20, 30, 40, of at all times you can remove and calibrate the temperature in the thermostat knob.

In some units there will be a small screw in the stem of thermostat, which is called calibration screw. If the correct temperature variation is far out you can try calibrating it. Set it by 350 and observe the unit cycle. For the first two cycles it will go little erratic so it is recommended to throw the first two or three times as far as temperature swing goes. See whether it ranges among the tolerant. If it goes too below the tolerant level, consider a replacement in the thermostat control.

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Kenmore range repair issue: The Kenmore gas range is not getting heated.

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Kenmore range repair solution: This is the most common issue. This issue will be, mainly due to the problem of the igniter . There are many people who believe that the igniter works properly as it produces a bright orange glow. But this is a very wrong concept. The orange glow is not a correct indication of the performance of the igniters. The current drawn by the igniters will go weak with continuous usage. As a result the current drawn by the igniters will not be enough to actuate the oven safety valve. The only way to check the functioning of the igniters is to use an amp probe. You can hook that in a wire going to the igniters, this will help you understand how much current is being passed through that circuit. Check it with the parameters of the gas valve and check whether it is sufficient to actuate the valve. If it is not sufficient to replace the igniters and your problem will be solved.

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