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Expert LG Microwave Repair In San Diego

If you are living alone, a student or a very busy person, a microwave might be a staple appliance in your kitchen. You can use it to make fast meals or heat leftover food. However often due to busy schedules, we are unable to take proper care of our appliances, which can lead to appliance damage or breakdown. So, if you need to do your LG microwave repair and fix, order the San Diego LG Microwave Repair today. We are your ultimate stop to fix, repair and maintain any type of LG microwave. Our San Diego LG Dryer Repair experts are very efficient, skilled, experienced and top in their field. Just one look, and they right away understand the issue with your microwave. All of our technicians are very skilled and have taken training to repair your appliance effectively and on time. We have worked very hard to get a top position in our industry, that’s why we are the most trusted and reliable company to repair your microwaves.

Whether you have a touch screen microwave or usual microwave, we can fix all of them. The microwave operates on a large amount of voltage. So, if any issue arises during use, refrain from handling it yourself and hire our professional technicians.

We have enlisted some typical microwave issues the majority of the people may face. Get in touch with us if you are also facing these issues:

  • Microwave is not heating

Sometimes due to a broken door or diode, the microwave is unable to heat your food. If that’s the case, do not repair it yourself and rather call for our services so that our expert can fix it with proper tools.

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  • The microwave plate is not rotating 

When you place plate into the microwave, it should rotate when the microwave is heating your food. If the plate is not rotating, it might be set not properly into its position. This can cause that your food remains unheated and uncooked. So, it is important that the microwave plate must rotates. If the plate is still not rotating after fixing it in the right place, the roller guide might be broken or the motor is not working properly. In either case, get in touch with our technicians to fix the plate if there is any damage.

  • Microwave is sparking

There is a limitation to what plates can be used to heat your food in the microwave. If you place metal or foil inside microwave it can cause sparking. Other times the painting of the inner wall of microwave might be wearied off and during heating can cause sparks.

The shortening of the circuit or high voltage can also cause sparking. All in all, whatever the reason, the sparking caused by microwave can prove to be lethal and can even explode if microwave will be continued to use. So, you should hire technicians from San Diego LG Microwave Repair to avoid all issues. The sooner you call the sooner the sparking of the microwave can be fixed.