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Certified Magic Chef Microwave Repair In San Diego

Microwave is an essential home appliance that makes life easy and comfortable. It helps in warming our food like coffee or other food that is cold. It also helps in heating the pre-cook food and makes it done in no time. The originator of microwave is engineer Percy Spencer in 1946, where he observed that microwave communication tools could produce enough heat that can heat or warm a portion of food. 

The old microwave was more prominent than what we have today, it has a refrigerator-size, and those that were produced at that time were sold to restaurants because the production was not big. Later on, Raytheon provides the smaller and cheaper microwave in 1965 and starts to sell it in millions exemplars around the 1970s. The microwave uses energy to heat our products. But today, a microwave is made of cavity magnetron that generates microwave energy, and this is a wave guard that navigate the power to go to the right part surrounded by a metal that ensures the substances absorb the heat. This modern microwave can be found anywhere both at home and at restaurants.

Microwave is used for different purposes, such as making poached eggs, soaking beans, the toasting of spices and nuts, and many others. At San Diego Magic Chef Microwave Repair, we know perfectly well from what the microwave is made of. Therefore, you can trust us the repair of any microwave issues such as:

1. Microwave isn’t heating

Sometimes your microwave may work, but not heating. It can piss someone off or how would you feel when you have to put your food inside a microwave, and when you checked, you realize it was not heating.

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2. Microwave isn’t running

Microwave that doesn’t run is of no use. The first thing to check is plugged into the socket correctly and also check if the outlet produces electricity, and if the issue persists, you need an expert technician to fix them for you, and that is why we are here.

3. Microwave tray didn’t turn

When your microwave turns, it provides steady and cooks food accurately, but the plate that doesn’t turn will not cook your food correctly. We understand this at San Diego Magic Microwave Repair, and we will restore it to its full potential.

4. Microwave fan stops working

Your exhaust fan stop working this can be as a result of the grease filter issues. This part of the microwave helps to absorb airborne pollutants and the greases that are created while cooking, and when used for a while can make it stop working.

At San Diego Magic Chef Microwave Repair, our expert technicians are trained to fix any microwave issues and restore them to its normal functioning. We also understand the kind of inconvenience it might cause while faulty, that is why our fast turn around is the best. For all types of malfunctions act in your microwave, let fix them for you. Don’t give up on that microwave yet give it to us for repair and let perform the magic.