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A washing machine is one of the tools that helps us in the laundry. This tool was invented to help us in washing our clothes and other fabrics that need to be washed, and over the time it has been of great help in this task to us. Before this innovation, the ancient way of laundry included taking the clothes to the river, scrubbing them with rock and rinse them in a river water and spread them on tree or grasses. After that was used water in a bucket in which was added some detergent and clothes were scrubbed with hands. This has been going on overtime before the invention of washing machine. But the origin of washing machine is unknown. It was attributed to different originator, but the one that looks like washing machine can be traced back to 1791. A washing machine has been in existence since the 16th century. Although the one made then doesn't look like these modern appliances. The first electronic appliance was premiered in the 18th century. Since then, there have been a lot of different types of washing machines from different manufacturers, and each of them has an unusual feature that distinguishes them from each other. But all of them get their traits from the old washing machine. At San Diego Magic Chef Washer Repair we understand that your washing machine should reduce the consumption of energy and water, and also be efficient enough.

But the following issues can hinder your washing machine from working effectively:

1. Washer is leaking

If your washer is leaking water this is evident that your washing machine needs a repair. Not repairing on time issue could further lead to damaging part of the device. This is not what you should abandon. It needs to be fixed on time, and that is why you need our help for your washer repair

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2. Non-spinning washing machine

One of the issues that your washer might develop is that it stops spinning. A non-spinning appliance is of no use, and this issue might be caused by a door latch malfunctioning or a faulty motor control board. This can affect your daily laundry activities, which need urgent repair. Not just a replacement, but a knowledgeable technician help, who is an expert in the field of repair. Get in touch with us, and it will be done in no time.

3. Breaking of door

The door of your appliance might keep breaking down due to the pressure on the hinge. Therefore, when you notice that the door of your appliance starts to hand crooked, don’t despair: San Diego Magic Chef Washer Repair is here to ease your burden and restore your washer to its standard efficiency. This and many other reasons can lead to washer malfunctioning

4. The machine didn’t turn on

Another issue that your machine might develop is not turning on at all. And when you notice this, calling an expert for fixing must be your next step. Proper functioning of your washer is very important for us. You can get needed help only from a knowledgeable and expert technicians. Trust San Diego Magic Chef Washer Repair where professionals are on standby to fix all your washer issues.