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Tips for Maytag Washer Repair in San Diego 

The Maytag washing machine was named the industry the most powerful heavy-duty cleaning device with an extra power button. Thus, washing your clothes with a Maytag washer means that you can practice double-temperature washing. This ensures better stain control. Besides, some Maytag washers have an additional 24-hour fresh storage option and allow monitoring from a distance, even when you are away from home. Thanks to these innovative features, this washer has become the best choice for many people. 

Common Problems and Repair Solutions 

Washer rotation problem

Regardless of the enumerable good qualities the device possesses, there can always be flaws. If the washing machine pumps water from the outside and does not spin, it can be due to various reasons. Check the cover switch for damage. In case the lid switch is broken, the washing machine will never detect if the lid is closed or open. This will not allow the washer to start the spinning cycle. If the belt is worn or broken, it must be replaced. Recent models use an engine connector that extends between the gearbox and the engine shaft. This part has the ability to break or wear out. Therefore, repairs may be necessary. San Diego appliance repair company is ready to assist you in every possible occasion. 

Oily substance leakage under the washer

The cause of the problem is a leakage in the lower seal of the gearbox. There may be a small leak at the bottom of the transmission, which flows down onto the pulley. Then it flows through the entire bottom of the washing machine. In this case, check your device warranty. Some devices come with an optional transfer guarantee and may be used for parts only. Make sure you see the accumulation of oil by tilting the device back. Buying a new gearbox is very expensive and difficult to repair. Ensure leakage is caused by downshifting. Replacing the bottom seal can solve the leakage problem.

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The rinse cycle does not advance

Maytag washers' performance depends on the temperature of the water you have chosen for the cycle. In most cases, rinsing with cold water is used. The flushing cycle will not begin if the machine does not receive cold water. Make sure that cold water is connected to the water supply valve on the back of the washing machine, and the hose is not clogged. 

There may also be problems with the timer or the water inlet valve, which does not transfer power to the cold water solenoid on the flushing inlet valve. In most cases, the rinse cycle does not work due to the cold water supply issues. Check the hoses at the back of the machine if there is good pressure for hot and cold water. In such cases, you need to work inside the washer with a water valve.

Problems with brake assembly when replacing a new gearbox

Maytag washing machine repair solution: A brake tool is provided for the brake assembly itself, which is used on some units to ease compression and remove it. Many local places have tools that you can rent or buy. Most technicians carry it in their trucks to repair the washing machine.

After you notice a flaw in the operation of your machine, it is in your best interest to seek professional help. Our company is ready to provide timely and affordable assistance on any issues that you may have with your device.