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Helpful Tips for Samsung Dryer Repair in San Diego

Samsung is a famous company that has maintained its legacy in making your household chores easy and convenient. This company began its voyage in 1961 and is still sailing, acquiring enormous profits and a high level of customer satisfaction. From microwaves to refrigerators, cooking ranges to washing machines, there is a huge variety of products manufactured by Samsung. This will help you to make your home a better place. 

Samsung dryer is one of such products which was applauded by many people around the world. If your dryer is facing some kind of problems, you can get help at Samsung appliance repair service in San Diego. The Samsung employees are always happy to assist you in case of any issues or repairs regarding their products. 

It is crucial to have basic knowledge about your appliance functioning process. A dryer have mainly three parts: tumbler, heater and exhaust. The tumbler rotates continuously. The heater is powered by electricity and produces hot air which is passed to the clothes through the exhaust. On regular usage the dryer may be prone to wear and tear. Here are some easy steps to repair your Samsung dryer.

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A Common Problem and Solution

The dryer drum is not tumbling

You need to know about the working of the dryer’s drum before you repair it. The clothes inside the drum are turned by a drive belt inside the dryers. One of the main reasons for the drum to stop rotating is the problem with the drive belt. With the flow of time and continual usage, the belt gets worn out or can even break. Due to the broken belt the drum will not rotate.

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There is another part in a Samsung dryer called the idler pulley. This pulley tends to get worn out easily, and It is advised to replace it. Now check for another cause. Start the dryer by pushing the start button. If the motor produces a humming sound without moving, then the problem is with the motor, which is probably burned out. To complete this type of Samsung repair, you will either have to replace the motor or at least the motor start capacitor completely.

Another step you can make to examine the problem is to check the door switch of the dryer. Make sure that it is not defective. In case there is an issue with the dryer switch, the whole system will not work. To solve this problem you will have to replace the entire switch.

Samsung dryer repair can be a challenging job if you don’t ask for professional help. So, if you have an issue with your appliance, contact us for certified and qualified assistance. We'll provide timely and affordable help and ensure good long-lasting results for your device. If you contact our Samsung dryer repair service, we’ll follow the prescribed procedure for a technician to accomplish the restoration works for your dryer.