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Sub Zero Refrigerator

Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Madison, Wisconsin is a place where Westye F.Bakke made the first ever freestanding refrigerator in the basement of his Madison house in the year 1943. It took another two years for Bakke, a man with the typical entrepreneur way of thinking, to set up a refrigerating company. He anticipated the postwar refrigerator needs.

Hence, the year 1945 marked the start of a new era. In 1945, the Sub-Zero Freezer Company came into existence in a two-car garage. Though the company did not have much of a catchy start to its operations; as time passed, the company managed to become a leading maker of world-class refrigerators. This is solely because of the toil they put in giving their best. They meet their customer needs by delivering top-class goods.

In the year 1950, the company came up with a concept that was a real breakthrough. It enhanced the way the kitchen looked. The refrigerator and the freezer were fitted within the cabinet space. They were wider than the other refrigerators. So, now the Sub-Zero refrigerators came in two types: refrigerators with a stainless steel exterior and refrigerators which could be customized to match the kitchen interiors.

The Sub-Zero refrigerators are much heavier than other refrigerators available in the market. They use a dual zone refrigeration technology, wherein these refrigerators come in with features such as dual evaporator coils as well as dual compressors. Now the food remains fresh for long.

Their business grew larger in terms of product line. Now they were not only into refrigeration, they also deal with kitchen appliances. They started manufacturing warming drawers, kitchen stoves, wall ovens, ventilation equipment, cook tops etc. in addition to refrigerators and freezers.

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The credit of the success of the company goes to the company redefining their early concept and coming up with a new and improved technique. Talking about innovative ideas, it has to be noted that it was the Sub-Zero Freezer Company who formulated and came up with the concept of dual refrigeration.

The Sub-Zero Refrigerators are priced high. They are one among the most expensive refrigerators in the market. They are made readily available in the market. These refrigerators are the most popular amidst the elite class, who are in the lookout of creating a kitchen of their dreams.

But even such a high-quality appliance as Sub-Zero can have issues once in a while. In this case, you can always rely on our mobile Sub Zero Appliance Repair service. Regardless of the complexity we can diagnose and fix any damage. We get upset every time our favorite household appliances break. But you can forget about the frustrations and worries turning to our Sub Zero appliance repair company

What you consider as a problem, is a job for us. Only experts in the field of repair of household appliances work for our company. All you need to do to get you Sub Zero appliance’s issues resolved fast and efficient is to call our helpline. A professional from our Sub Zero appliance repair company will come to your aid to solve any functional problems with your Sub Zero appliances the same day. For your convenience, we work 7 days a week around the clock.

Your satisfaction with the work done is very important to us, so we provide warranty for all types of our Sub Zero appliance repair services. If you have any problems with the functioning of household appliances — call us, and we will resolve all the issues in the most urgent and professional yet affordable manner!