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There is some food you can't enjoy while it's cold and there is also some food that needs some amount of heat before you can eat it. Some products that usually require some heat before you can eat them include sausage, popcorn, fish and others. Therefore, to have these products ready to eat, you need to heat them, and this is one of the tasks of microwave. The use of a microwave enables you to warm your cold food and also cook some of your meals. Microwave can be used as a household or commercial appliance. Even people that own a restaurant can not joke with this appliance as it helps them to warm their already made food when customers ask for it too. Microwave can be found in majority of homes today because of its exceptional usefulness. This invention is one of the best because instead of putting your food back in the pot and warm it on a stove you would use the microwave to warm it. Long exploitation of this appliance can make it develops a fault that requires an expert to fix all issues. The following are some issues that your microwave can develop. They require a knowledgeable repair company such as San Diego Thermador Microwave Repair service to fix all issues

  • Microwave starts and stops

One of the usual faults, the microwave can develop is that it runs for a short period and then stops. This could be as a result of faulty door switch that stops and starts on an interval or can also be caused by defective thermo-protector. When you notice this kind of issue in your microwave, it is something that can be fixed only by an expert technician from our company.

  • Microwave stops working

If your microwave stops working it can be disappointing and also annoy you, but we have the solution for it. The reason for this can be a line fuse fault, or the appliance is over-drawing power. Although, this fault looks easy to fix, why not contact an expert before you embark DIY, as this can cause further damage to your machine

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  • Microwave not heating

Another frustrating fault that your microwave can develop is not heating at all. This can be as a result of malfunctioning of high voltage capacitor, as this issue will also affect overall high voltage circuit. As this issue can only be understood by the person, who is trained to fix microwaves. Professional technicians are the only persons who can repair your microwave and make it work effectively again.

  • Microwave starts working by itself

If your microwave keeps running by itself, it means that it may be suffering from a serious issue that can also affect other parts. If you didn't take care of it on time, the issue can be as a result of faulty triac. Contact San Diego Thermador Microwave Repair to fix it for you in no time. You have a hard time with your microwave, don't despair, contact our reliable service to get it fixed for you